About Marti


Marti was born, raised, and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

After 22 years of marriage she found herself divorced in her late 40’s and trying to navigate life as a single woman. Though she has dated off and on, she is currently rocking life solo and enjoying every minute of that adventure!

She is the proud mother of 2 adult children, and enjoying the best chapter in life as grandma of 7 amazing kids here on earth, one in heaven, who call her Nana.

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  1. I am a brand spanking new blogger. Argh… I need to get a grip on this and after seeing and enjoying your blog, I know I can do it! girleinsteinofwords

  2. might have to re vamp the bio blog….you do “hawk” things now and even a few give aways… do i hear the door bell ringing ? or was that my blogging Avon Lady ….texting…keep all the good work you do flowing….always a pure enjoyment at time as well as a “tear” did I say that …opps …must be a misprint…be well Marvelous marti…


    • But while I do give aways, I’m not a blogger that is only about that. That is not the niche of this blog is the point.,

  3. A true prince would never let such a princess escape him or leave her. A true prince finds value in his princess and cherishes her every day. To be greatful to have such a wonderful woman, partner, best friend, but more importantly a soul mate. We all have in one way or another what we perceive to be a fairy tale life and it very well may be. But just because the prince or princess does not turn out to be who or whom we thought they were doesn’t mean the fairy tale can’t have a happy ending with the prince or princess we should have been with all along but never knew. As one chapter in our life closes and a new one begins, we take what we have learned, we grow from it and become better for it. Knowing better what to watch out for, who we are and where and who we want to be with. Camelot wasn’t perfect as much as Arthur wanted it to be, but the values behind the dream is what has made the dream a legend. For good men, this dream and belief is what we should strive to live by every day. So fear not, princess, your true prince is out here, the ending to the fairy tale can be happy, and in time you will know this.

  4. sound of music,…. the first movie i ever saw in ma life,..
    we are so far away from those dreams
    being blunt in this world of illusion seems to be showcasing our ownself , punishing our own agony and burning through the wild

  5. Ah very A-musing blog site. It’s nice to see something of quality and charm out there in cyber space.

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