New Beginnings

Now that I am back in Cincinnati, life is both moving in the fast lane and riding a holding pattern. And both are driving me bonkers.

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Before I even left Florida I wanted to secure an apartment. I had some back up plans in case nothing became available but those were to be temporary and I really needed the solid ground of having my own place. After praying about it for a few weeks, I remembered my sister and I had rented an apartment run by a management company. I sent a text to the property manager and he had me call him with specifics about my search. A short 5 minutes later he called me back, remembering that there was a 4-family under their management that had 2 apartments open. The price was right and so were the “extras”. Laundry is free to wash and a $1 to dry, right there in the basement of the building. Hardwood floors throughout the apartment, and a garage in which to park Esmeralda, my little convertible. He sent me photos and told me use my imagination as the apartments were currently being turned from the previous tenants. I fell in love right away! This week I was able to stop in and view the one I had chosen and learned the owner (who happens to live in the building as well) had agreed to replace the kitchen and nook flooring, toilet, vanity and refrigerator. Also, the walls were not painted white, but a subtle, neutral, sandy color that would make it seem more like a home than a rental. My furniture will look great in there and I am so excited! The bathroom is dated, in pink (my favorite color) and white tile, but in fantastic condition so I embraced it and bought a flamingo shower curtain and pink bath mats. Everything is coming together SO quickly!

Now I must wait. The apartment is still being turned so I cannot start moving my things in just yet. And I have items in several locations that I will need to gather when the time is right. Hence the holding pattern. Grrrr….

Meanwhile my 11 boxes, and a bunch more that contain items I purchased, are sitting here in my daughter’s basement waiting for the big day when I can move into my new home!! 🙂

One thing I must do is give glory to God. My prayers all along have been answered. For a place to live that was within my budget that exceeded my needs (a garage!). My Father in heaven has watched over me in all of this, making sure I remained faithful in celibacy, and supplying everything necessary to start over. I am so blessed.