Door Closed, Window Open

Much as I loved living in Florida, and hope to return again someday for good, that chapter of my life is now closed. It lasted a short, 148 days before it reached “the end”. At least I missed the winter in Cincinnati.

Okay, truth be told, I MISSED winter very much. Not the part of being cold, but I did miss seeing snow fall and cover the world in a sparkling blanket of white. And I missed Christmas very much. That is my favorite holiday and this one I not only missed but was unable to afford to buy gifts for anyone. That was awful. And while laying on Seista Key Beach on Christmas Day was very nice, being far away from loved ones, no tree or decorations, that was not good at all.

I cannot say anything bad about him, as the guy I moved down there to be with was nothing but a gentleman and nice to me, but it was not at all what I signed up for in the end. I’m very grateful there was never any intimacy between us because that kept me from sinning. In fact so many friends up here were praying for me, as I have a desire to remain celibate until married, that I cannot help but think the Lord blocked the ex-boyfriend from claiming what belongs to someone else. And I am very grateful. Enough said. But make no mistake I struggle against a root of bitterness as I think he knew before I moved that I was not the person he wanted, in fact he wants no long term, committed relationship. Pretty sure he didn’t think I’d actually board the plane and fly away with him. 😦

I gave up everything….sold or gave away everything other than my clothing and some sentimental items (most of those are in storage) and moved away. SO, here I am, back in my beloved Queen City. Currently I am staying at my daughter’s house until my apartment is ready next week. I secured a job that I start 5/11/22, and I’m gathering up furniture and items for my apartment. I’ve longed to go minimalist in my life, so this experience has helped in that desire. I’m starting fresh. And this is a good thing.

I’m proud of myself for taking the chance, pursuing an opportunity that meant doing a big, scary thing. I’ve learned a lot about myself and many lessons along the way. And I’m not sorry that I did it because we should all do that big thing that frightens us once in a while, it builds character. 🙂

So I’m back online and ready to start writing again, hopefully haven’t lost too many of my loyal readers along the way.

Stay marvelous!