Out Of My Comfort Zone

wedding arch through open door
Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

When everything is new and different, each day brings an unfamiliar seasoning to your life. From a new church (which I very much enjoyed) to a beautiful but strange landscape to navigate of stores, best gas stations, grocery stores, establishments serving up yummy things to munch on and new traditions.

But ‘places’ and entertainment are the fun part of relocating. Finding one’s way around comes with that package and therein lies the problem.

Anyone who knows me well is aware that I am directionally challenged. As in I cannot find my way out of a paper bag with one end open and only one direction in which to exit. So imagine being me, suddenly in a brand new location and a list of places I need to visit for various reasons. GPS on the cell phone is quickly becoming my favorite app ever! But it takes some amount of personal courage to get in my car and actually drive.

Nearly every day I have driven somewhere and managed to not get lost. As if that wasn’t enough to struggle through, this week was a whole different car! Last week I drove his car, as he takes the beach car to work. This week was my first time driving my new-to-me car, a sporty little BMW convertible. So I had to get used to a different vehicle, unfamiliar bells and whistles, and find my way around. Yesterday was a 10 mile trip to get my work physical and TB test.

My sense of adventure is growing, so Monday I decided the initial drive would be out to where I did my finger printing because the Dunkin near that location made a killer signature iced latte. 🙂 On the return ride I purposely took some wrong turns and started exploring a bit, intentionally getting lost for a spell. To some this would sound like fun, but to someone like me this could bring on a panic attack. But instead I faced it as an experience of entertainment. I actually enjoyed it immensely. Top down on the car, favorite music playing, and just driving around Sarasota.

I suppose it could be said that this entire move was one giant leap out of my little cozy boundaries, and it has been. But it has been amazing all around. Having a guy that finds the perfect car, and then accessorizes it with pink items because he knows your favorite color, then gently nudges you toward the gate to the fence surrounding you from fears of the unknown…well who can not but hope to fly?

And I’m soaring!