Getting My Ducks In A Row

Life here is moving fast!

Tuesday I applied with the Florida Board of Nursing to transfer my nurse aide license, then Wednesday went and got fingerprinted for the background check that is necessary for that to happen. Yesterday I went on a job interview and was offered the CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) position on the spot. I stuck around and got all of the paperwork, drug screen etc done so I can start asap. Today I found out my license transfer is complete and I’m official in Florida. In just four days I am legal and employed. My Sir is getting plates for my car today and I’ll just have to get my driver’s license then I will be official all around.

thumbnail_image0 (1)I suppose I could have gone for my physical today but instead I decided it was time to preserve the base tan I started in Cincinnati, and start working on my full on Florida tan (and using the sunshine to keep the hair white). I walked over and spent 30 minutes poolside then came back for a shower, folded and put away laundry and empty the dishwasher. I need to order a Norwex mop system soon but that will need to wait until I get paid. Let me tell you, this life here in the sunshine state is the bomb, it is where I was meant to be.

While sunning myself my sister-in-law was starting the planning with me for their first visit. They determined they are simply going to use an under the bed storage bin, fill it with clothes to keep here and when they need a salt life fix they just have to jump on a plane and stick around for a few days.

The very best part of my day was sitting with my coffee and bible out on the lanai, taking in God’s Word, talking to Him and watching the wild life around the lake.

I love it here!