Today is my 4th day as a resident of Florida and….I FREAKING LOVE IT HERE!!!!

My morning coffee view

It has been beautiful and I have enjoyed coffee every morning on the lanai with my honey before he heads out to work. Then I continued that caffeinated goodness while chatting on the phone with my daughter, just like back in Cincinnati whenever I was off.

While the idea of being a kept woman has its draw, this girl must work. I have enjoyed the extended break but I’m more than ready to get back to earning a paycheck. I am not the sit on one’s butt, painting my nails while watching TV type at all.

The past few days I’ve ran errands, grocery shopped, and started learning my way around. Thanks to GPS I’ve not gotten lost and actually find this area easy to navigate. This is good because I am very directionally challenged with an unnatural fear of getting lost. As in panic attack style fear. But I’ve jumped in the car and found my way without issue. It is such a beautiful part of town, and nothing says paradise like palm trees everywhere.

I’m loving life. Yes, I am aware it is very hot in summer, as many like to point out, but hello!!! I LOVE hot weather! I long ago stopped complaining and embraced the heat so bring it on! I also do not fear hurricanes. I trust my Florida man to make the call to head inland if need be. In my line of work I don’t even know if I’d be able to just evacuate. When I applied to change my license to Florida I added myself to the list of those willing to ride it out and help in an emergency situation like a hurricane. Call me crazy but I don’t have a bunch of kids to get to safety and someone has to be willing to help.

December 1st, and it is currently 75 degrees, sunny and everything is green outside. Ahhh someone pinch me! Hard to believe I’m really here 🙂 I cannot wait to get my plates on my little BMW convertible so I can drive around with the top down!