And Then There Were 4…

4days…as in days. 4 days until I board a plane with my man and head to Sarasota to start my new adventure. I’m pretty much ready at this point, just a few more things to stick in boxes to ship off to my new home.

First though, he arrives in town tonight for date night. We are going out after his plane lands and I get off work. When my shift is over I am heading to tanning, then shower and pull myself together. Given that I didn’t get much sleep due to a killer allergy attack last night I may need to drink an energy drink before we go. Seriously hate when these hit, which is usually twice a year. I will end up losing my voice before it is over. In a world still fighting the Covid pandemic this can wig folks out if you sneeze, cough and/or blow your nose too much.

Tomorrow my brother is hosting the family for a very non-traditional Thanksgiving. A farewell get together for me, with several kinds of chili and the family. I love his place, he and his wife have a beautiful, 2 bedroom loft apartment downtown in one of the old buildings that used to be a major department store. It is a perfect place for us all to gather one last time this year. It holds some special nostalgia for us, being where we saw Santa each year and the beautiful, festive Christmas window displays featuring the Shillito Elves. Early in his career dad also had worked security details, walking the very floors that are now apartments rather than displays of merchandise. That my brother lives where dad’s feet once walked nightly is very special. The original wood flooring is still there, one can see where display cases once stood, preserving the history of the building while making it useful space once again.

I work Friday, then Saturday I will ship the remaining boxes and see my kids and  grandkids one last time before I’m headed south. I’m so grateful for modern technology that will allow me to stay in touch with FaceTime, Zoom, and sometimes flights back north. They will also be able to come stay with us for low cost vacationing in the sunshine.

I’m off to care for my resident who is now awake and ready for breakfast.

Stay marvelous, y’all!