Packed & Shipped

My life has transitioned quickly into what is being shipped, purged or stored. So far 4 boxes of my life have arrived at my new home and are stored in my bedroom closet, waiting for my arrival. 3 more boxes will arrive there next Tuesday. The remaining ones, maybe 3, will ship out the day before we fly ‘home’. Everything else, if it is not being purged to donation/trash or sold, will be in storage. Those are things that I will be revisiting each time I fly up for a visit, to decide if they shall be packed up and sent down to my home in the sunshine state, remain in storage, or find their way to a dumpster.

Every time I start packing I’m finding myself parting with more and more ‘things’. I’m not even certain why I have kept some, or realized there is no joy associated and no likelihood of finding a place for these items in my new chapter of life. The decision is easily arrived at by simply asking myself “if this all blew away tomorrow, would I be sad if this item was no longer here?” and more often than not, the answer is no! So out it goes.

Today everything is on hold, as I am working the first of my final four shifts at my home health care job. I will miss this place so much, it is like working from home. Caring for residents in a house that feels like home, giving so much attention to only a few, means I’m able to provide the kind of care they deserve. Currently my resident is soundly sleeping in her bed so I have some free time to write. I am looking forward to finding something similar in Sarasota so I can provide the kind of care my residents deserve.

depth of field photography of ice shards
Photo by Kevin Blanzy on

I will not miss being cold! It was cold enough to snow here this morning, which thankfully it has not. I hate being cold, the older I get the harder it is to shake off the chill. I look forward to sitting in the hot tub on the ‘chilly’ days down south, sipping coffee and relaxing on my days off. Effective 11/28 my subscription to winter is CANCELED! Bring on warm breezes and sunny beaches.

3 days until I see my honey, 8 days until we fly home. It cannot happen fast enough!