13 Days & Counting

silhouette photo of palm trees
Photo by Del Adams on Pexels.com

FINALLY the countdown is under 2 weeks!!!

In just 13 days my feet will be on the ground in Sarasota, Florida, beginning my new life in the salty air! I’m excited and FREAKING THE HECK OUT!!!

I have boxes packed, and some still in need of my attention. I have bubble wrap, packing tape, and lots of time on my hands. He already has a car purchased for me, a cute little convertible, and I’m working on job leads. I have a small storage unit rented to put things in storage that I’m not yet taking with me. My plane ticket is purchased and waiting, he arrives up here next week on Wednesday and I will see him right after work. Pretty much everything is as it should be and yet I AM FREAKING OUT! I have no idea why, and it isn’t a bad kinda freak out.

Most likely it is the whole ‘change’ thing. Change is hard for me, I like routines. When I worked in the nursing home if I was moved to an unfamiliar floor it would cause a near meltdown (and sometimes an actual one) for me. Sure, my job basics are always the same as a nurse aide, however routines are how things get done in a timely fashion there, and residents have routines that help make their day easier. If I didn’t know them well and their routine, and didn’t have a routine for me to roll with, then it was going to cause some serious anxiety for me. When I get to Sarasota I’ll be adjusting to a brand new home, location (I am about as directionally challenged as they come), a new job, a new (to me) car, life without my cat (RIP sweet baby girl), making new friends, establishing new household routines for laundry and cleaning etc, and the biggie…adjusting to sharing my life and bed with a man again for the first time in a very long time. Like a decade or so, this is big y’all. Really big!

My cat crossed the rainbow bridge on 10/15/21. I knew she wasn’t well, and tried to ignore the signs but eventually had to accept we were at that place in her life when it was time to say goodbye. She had a fist size mass in her abdominal area, wasn’t eating much, throwing up all the time and had lost her playful zest for life. Despite it all she still came up and craved loving scratches and then settled in next to me at night. I was blessed to have her put to sleep at home so she wouldn’t be terrified (she always wigged out at the vet’s office) in her last moments. It crushed me but it was what was best for her.

My goals in Florida, in addition to building an amazing relationship with my now retired Badge-guy, is to get my Avon business going again, and to ramp up my Instagram with reels and other fun stuff. Connect by clicking the lovely cube of photos —> over there and follow me!

Peace out, y’all!