Taking The Second Major Step

Last week I took a major step, the second one, toward moving to Sarasota. Buying my plane ticket was the first step, which made it all seem more real as it is a one way trip. But  I took a second step, which is actually bigger than just the purchasing of travel…I sold my car. After debating and trying to plan to get my baby down there, it made more sense financially and was far less stressful to sell it and get something new when I get to my new home.

henriettaTo understand the gravity of this for me, one must know the back story to my little Kia Soul, Henrietta. When married, my husband did all of the car shopping. While I voiced my desires I still drove whatever he deemed fitting. A few years after my divorce, when the vehicle he had chosen was limping along, it was time for me to find a new ride. I went out, found what I wanted and bought it. I paid for it every month and then when mom passed away I used part of my inheritance to pay off the remaining months my loan. It did wonders for my credit and freed up my finances. Most importantly I did it all by myself. The selection, purchase and payoff. I did what I wanted and it was a major independence milestone for me. Saying goodbye to my car was emotional because it was a huge part of peeling back the layers under which I had hidden the real me in an effort to appease someone who never appreciated the woman I was or the parts of me I was willing to sacrifice. And it was like letting go of another piece of mom.

The Badge is down there looking at cars for me and when I arrive I will purchase something to get too and from work. As he already has 2 vehicles there is no major rush so we can take our time to find something I’m okay with driving.

Just 47 days until we fly home together. SO much to do! More purging, tanning, working out, packing and shipping. I am beyond excited and cannot wait for these remaining days to pass!