55 Days To Go…

Things are moving along now at a faster pace than expected, and yet slower than I want. In just 55 days I will be on a plane to Sarasota with a man I’m trusting my heart too. The start of a new life in a place I’ve wanted to live since I was a young girl putting my toes in the sand for the first time. But the location is the icing on my cupcake, it is all about him. I’d be moving to Nebraska if that was where he was living, but thankfully it isn’t.

244417029_219118690207207_3002018203933951914_nThis is the picture he sent me yesterday while laying by the pool at my soon to be new home. He periodically sends me a photo to keep me excited and looking forward to this new adventure while I’m purging and planning, packing and getting ready to ship all of my things. I cannot wait for this to be my view as well, while soaking up sunshine and relaxing each weekend.

One major step I took was quitting my job. It happened a bit earlier than planned but the stress there was killing me mentally and emotionally. Migraines from what was happening became to be too much and so I went in on an off day, cleaned out my locker, turned in my keys, shirts and badge and walked out. Learning those boundaries to protect my own well being has been beneficial. I still have my second job and other income resources and I’ll be fine. I’m already job hunting and may even consider a total career shift once my feet hit the ground in Sarasota. 

Today I begin tanning to get a decent base down before the move, as he tells me the sun is still intense even in winter. And the ongoing walking and working out as I strive for a better beach body and keeping my physical health intact. I also get my Covid booster this week, since Florida seems to have more than their share of cases. Before y’all go nuts, I’m pro-vaccine, yes, and conservative, and I do NOT support mandates. You research and do you. I did loads of research and decided it was safe and got my 2 doses early this year. I also worked the Covid unit at work before vaccinations and wore my mask and I am a firm believer that while not perfect, they do indeed provide protection. Again, if you don’t want to wear one then please don’t. But respect my decision to continue masking when out and about. 

One last time I am purging my life of things that no longer pull at my heart strings or simply are not going to be needed. It is a rather soothing process for me, like cutting ties from the past of anything hanging on to me that is no longer good for my soul. 

Soon I will be posting reels to my Instagram and photos of all things salt life. I cannot wait!