Making Dreams Come True

Long ago, as a very young girl, my toes touched the sand of a beach for the first time. It was pure bliss. The sounds of the waves crashing into the shore, birds over head, and salty breezes. The water called to me and I knew that I had found home for my soul, this side of heaven.

10872326_776543922431134_637329680_nMany times over the years my parents took us all over the coast lines of Florida, Atlantic side and the gulf side, and each trip the beach called to my very soul. This was the therapy couch of God Himself, at least to me. Nothing soothed quite like the sounds of water meeting sand over and over again. 6 years ago I walked on Siesta Key beach one last time with the then boyfriend (there has to be a better name for folks over 50 and dating), on a trip to plan our future there in Sarasota. That relationship ended but he still carried my heart around in his back pocket. This pic was taken on Siesta Key Beach 6 years ago while in Sarasota. I cannot wait to walk there again. ❤

Fast forward to present day. He has moved down there and back twice, then moved again a third time for good. He is nearly 900 miles away. We reconnected many times over the past 6 years via text and social media, but the misunderstanding and lack of communication of things of the heart kept us from being more than two folks poking at each other and flirting.

That all changed recently when one last time he reached out and friended me again on Facebook and sent a text. With the nudging of a mutual friend who had watched all of this unfolding over 6 years, we had some conversations that led us to see we were actually on the same page. Our desires and goals more in line that not. Way more in line. That has set a lot in motion, and in 89 days our lives will be changing as I move in and we start a life together.

My plane ticket is purchased, my seat next to his (oh is he in for a treat as I do NOT fly well). 80 days from today I will work my final shift at the job I’ve been at for over 4 years. There will be a lot of ugly crying that day, as my team of coworkers have become priceless to me and I will miss them terribly. I’ll spend the next days finishing out my second job, packing my car up for my son to drive down, and I’ll say goodbye to the city I’ve called home all of my life and chase my dream of living in Florida. Sarasota to be exact.

Yes, this will be a huge change for someone used to having almost immediate access to my grandchildren. But if this pandemic has taught me anything it is that distance means nothing when there is a desire to remain close to people. Zoom calls, FaceTime, all became how we communicated when the pandemic first kicked into high gear in this area. It will be my primary communication methods, and several flights back and forth to visit each year. My cousin lives in China and my aunt has maintained a wonderful relationship with her grandchildren. My own grandparents lived in Ft. Lauderdale and maintained very strong relationships with all of us. As someone pointed out recently, my own kids would pursue their dreams for their lives why not me? Now that my parents are gone why not do what I’ve always wanted to do? 

My sister and I are already planning the changes to the apartment. I’ll stay with her when in town several times a year, leaving some clothing up here and necessities, and she will use the spare room as her office with a day bed in there for me when I’m in town. 

I’m over the moon about it all, passing my time working 2 full time jobs, working out to have that beach body, tanning, purging what I don’t need and getting ready for the big day. I cannot wait!!!!

Get ready, Sarasota, Nana M is coming!