A Month Of Letters ~ To A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

Image courtesy of Ben Schonewille at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I see you over there, rolling your eyes, calling folks ‘sheeple’ and giving employees around the country a hard time for trying to enforce mask mandates. You waltz on into an establishment minus the required face covering just looking for a confrontation. PLEASE stop. 

No one likes  wearing these stupid things, NO one. Yet here we are being required to put one on to go pretty much anywhere. Now “they” want us to wear them indoors when with folks not of our own household. Believe me we are all feeling like this is getting insane. Back off, douche canoe, we get it, you aren’t so stupid to believe they help blah blah blah. I wear one 12.5 hours a day at work, and not the easy to breathe through kind. Guess what? I’m not sick and I’m not dying from having it on. You will be okay for 30 minutes in Walmart with a mask covering your nose AND mouth (since you are such a mask expert we expect you to start wearing it properly, oh he/she of exceptional know-it-all regarding face coverings).

That kid at the store trying to make a few bucks? He is only doing his job, stop picking on him and threatening him when he reminds you to put your mask on as you enter. The manager at the plasma donation center? He is doing what is required and telling you to pull it up over your mouth and nose. Oh, you won’t come back again? No worries none of us will miss hearing you spout off about them, be gone. There are lines to donate, no one is going to miss you but you won’t get the $$ for donating! The cashier at the grocery store is trying to keep food on the table while her husband is out of work because his job wasn’t all that essential, so back off and try a smile for her, ya big bully.

The Grinch has nothing on some of you people.

And you, the self appointed mask police…stay in your lane, Susie Q, no need to send your blood pressure through the roof. Maybe that person wears hearing aides, like a good friend of mine. See, he doesn’t have to wear one, because when he takes off the mask it catches in those very expensive hearing aides that without them he is legally deaf and cannot hear you! The mask causes feed back that is equivalent to sticking your head under the hood of your car while someone blows the horn. He needs to be able to hear and you need to mind your own business. Or maybe the person has a breathing disease that wearing a mask complicates. If you fear them, get out of their 6 foot bubble, walk a wide path around them, move on, and be kind.

I can find you several studies that say masks (the good ones we wear at work and N95s) work. That cloth one you have from your neighbor? Yeah, that is as useless as tits on a bull for the most part. But yes, it does, as all masks, cut down on the transmission. Not eliminate, but cuts down/reduces. Nothing is perfect but it does help. So does staying home when you get a positive result. WHICH brings me to another anonymous soul. HEY LADY! The one who was out eating in the same place as my daughter-in-law and grandkids last week, quietly (not enough so though cause you were heard) telling the folks with you that you tested positive but came out for dinner anyway. HELLO! YOU are the reason we can’t do fun, nice things right now! You are out spreading it to people and guess what? My son is now sick as a dog and has the virus. Yes, people like you who test positive or know that you were around someone with it and yet there you are out spreading the love. You are a bad, bad human being. Stay home for the love of all of the population trying to exist with this god forsaken virus, if you are one of those testing positive, have possible symptoms etc. If you had a really bad cold or the flu you wouldn’t be out eating! Well I don’t think you would, maybe you really are that inconsiderate.

And you, who believe everything you read on the Internet from your friends who received their medical degree at University Facebook…stop vaccine shaming those who have decided they want the shot. Do your own research, go down some reliable rabbit holes and you just may find out that it isn’t going to make you sterile, put dye in you or a microchip so the powers that be can track you (they already can do that through your cell phone, car, credit/debit card purchases). For those buying into that mark of the beast mumbo, read your bible. The MARK will be on your right hand or forehead, and visible.

Good grief, my dear stranger, you have lost all human decency, intelligence and just aren’t a good, kind person anymore. Go back in your bubble, please.

*This is no way implies where I stand on the issue of the vaccine, masks etc., only stating that some of the population need a happy pill and some blinders to return to minding their own affairs.*

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  1. Great letter, girl! Personally I would like to slam a few of these people into the wall. You have more patience than I! Keep up the good work. ❤️

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