A Month Of Letters ~ Dear Me

For December I’m doing a month of letters. #1: a letter to present day me.

Dear Me,

brown printer paper with black text
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

This has been a crazy year and there is so much I need/want to tell you, my dear self.

  • You really need to drink much more water. Seriously you are usually existing in a state of dehydration and that is part of why your energy tank is still lacking. When you were health coaching you used your app to log your liquid intake, pull out that smart phone and start utilizing the tools you have at your disposal.
  • Get moving on those Christmas cards! You are off to a good start, do not lose momentum now. People need something in their mailbox this year, so do you, so step it up. No, do NOT waste a stamp sending one to that person, just pray for them. They do not want a card from you.
  • Good job so far on the Christmas shopping! You are almost half way there, be proud of yourself. 
  • Um..that hair. Girl, get that mop cut tomorrow, you look a bit crazed and not in a wild, cute way. It needs to see Jess and her scissors…stat!
  • Captain Crunch sounds like a great idea for dinner. It most assuredly is NOT, for dinner, lunch or breakfast. Grab something Keto and healthy.
  • Things may look bleak in the world, but the Lord has never let you down. Get in His Word daily, keep the faith. He has this, don’t wither on the vine. The remnant must keep praying and trusting in Christ. Be part of that remnant.
  • Yes this year has been weird, crazy, disappointing, painful…the list goes on and on. But it has also been so full of blessings! A new grandson born healthy in the middle of the pandemic, not living alone at a time when staying home would have been boring otherwise, a good job as an essential worker, mom in her final resting place and all her siblings able to be present, blankets crocheted with love for special little ones, almost a year now without alcohol, church that was able to stream, solid teachings from a former church, connecting with old friends and making new ones. Focus on the good, there was plenty of it!
  • Keep that smile, your residents need it more now than ever! Yes, we have lost a good number of them this year, but none to Covid, and now they are in their right minds in eternity. The ones here need you on your ‘A’ game. Keep spreading the joy! Be the eyes, hears, hands and heart of Jesus to them, and don’t forget to do that you must tap into that Divine source. You’ve got this girl!
  • Your coworkers…wow some are carrying some seriously heavy loads. Keep praying for them and just be there with that upbeat attitude and silliness that makes the day roll by better for them. God knows what to do, and will do it, but you need to keep lifting them up in every way you can. It is what you do best, you type 2! 
  • Keep the self care going, granny. You are not a spring chicken anymore and you type 2 folks tend to forget yourselves while taking care of everyone else. It is okay to say ‘no’. Take a nap, read, enjoy your coffee and your cinnamon tea, crochet, or just sit and soak up some good praise and worship music. Whatever you need at the moment, just be sure you don’t neglect your needs.

Love always,

Nana Marti