Product Review 2020 – Kitty Poo Club

I am not being compensated for my review. There are affiliate links that enable you to get a 20% discount on your first order, and me to earn reward points towards future orders of mine.

kpc-logo-defaultI began using this product in 2018 after seeing an ad on social media. I very much disliked the entire litter experience of purchasing a heavy bag, lugging it to my car, changing it at home by dumping old, smelly litter into a trash bag, hauling it out to the trash hoping it didn’t break on the way. Rinse the litter tray. Repeat. But being a lover of felines, this crazy cat lady was willing to do what was necessary in order to have my beautiful fur baby (later babies). The advertisement made the whole process seem considerably less involved and without the eye burning odor of cat urine being a part of the litter box cleaning that comes with keeping a tidy box for the cat to do his or her business. I showed my sister the product one evening, via computer, and she was intrigued as well. At the cost of $21.99 per box with free shipping, it was less pricy than our store bought perfumed litter, and no litter pan to wash.

The Kitty Poo Club does carry multiple products, including a soy based litter, but I’m only familiar with the Silica & Fine Grain so can only give my opinion on those items.

The litter is made from natural products. It claims odor control. The box arrives FedEx and you simply open it, fill the box with the litter and place it. When the next box arrives you fold down the sides, put the lid back on (or use  the lid from the next box), repeat the set up and put the used box in the trash. No bag needed, no mess!

Before I took the plunge, little sis had ordered and received her first box. I received a text a few days after she joyfully took the entire plastic litter box to the dumpster and began using Kitty Poo Club. She wanted me to come down and check out the Kitty Poo. 

Upon arrival at her apartment she started encouraging me to sniff the air, which I had to admit did not smell of kitty litter. Then she showed me the box. I was suspicious of the cardboard box as I examined it, though sturdy, and the tray in the bottom under the strange looking litter. Would this really hold together for a month? (side note: there is no longer a tray in the bottom, the box is coated in a substance that is more eco friendly) Then Boo insisted that I stick my nose in the box, near the litter, and see how it was amazingly stench free. So, I leaned in and inhaled deeply through my nose…nothing. I was then and there SOLD. 

Nothing can completely eliminate the green cloud that rises from a cat turd, but if your kitty is good at covering the stinky logs with litter, it will cut down on that less than appealing aroma. The good thing is you can scoop, shake off the poo and toss in the trash (zip fastened baggie recommended) or flush it good bye. I flush and happy to report that I have never had a problem with the plumbing but do that at your own risk. 

Kitty Poo Club has two types of litter, the Silica and the fine grain (derived from natural minerals).

Silica is small and pebble like, is 99% dust free and very low tracking. My cat does tend to fling it a bit at times but that is her not the fault of the litter. She is messy to say the least.

Fine grain is a lot like sand, equally great as far as odor control, but does produce low dust and tends to track despite the mat that does help to some degree. While I liked it, I use the Silica. I believe both are the same substance just one is ground down to a finer end product.

BOTH are amazing on the odor control. I scoop to poop, shake it, dispose and then stir the litter with the scooper once a day.  

I wrote my first review of this product back in April 2019 and updated it January 2020. I am STILL a monthly customer. Unless something better were to come along this will be my litter of choice for life. I believe you, too, will be sold on this product once you give it a try!