The Facebook Exodus

meofUnless you have been living under a rock (and these days that option actually sounds pretty inviting), you know that there is a perceived targeting of conservatives and Christians on a lot of social media platforms, but mostly Facebook and Twitter. Many of us have had posts flagged for false or partially false content. Me and several friends had one of those memes with the white cat flagged as false and it had zero to do with the election, was just a silly meme. I know a number of folks still doing time in Facebook jail for a post(s) disagreeing with democrats or liberals. If it was fairly spread about it would be one thing but we see similar if not the same memes and jokes directed at conservatives and no one in the powers that be seem to bat an eye.

Huh, okay then. 

I personally have made it a point to keep controversial and political things off of this blog page because I really do not care who you vote for, just be a decent, kind human being.

I am a conservative.

I am a Christian.

I’m a proud gun owner and supporter of the 2nd amendment.

I won’t argue with anyone about these, you are absolutely entitled to think and believe differently from me and we can still exist peacefully. I know, because I have many in my circles who disagree with me and we are still friends. Okay a few have been removed because they got ugly and mean with their posts and I’m all about KINDNESS.

Many have simply had enough. Facebook and Twitter, in my opinion, try to manipulate viewpoints and censor what they do not agree with, MY OPINION. If I want to post something folks think is false information, well that is my right and if you believe everything you read on the internet you are an idiot. Research and fact check for yourself.

SO like many, Nana Marti is leaving Facebook. And Twitter.

This is not an easy decision for me. There are so many folks I enjoy following and will miss them. The good thing is so many I know are also deleting their accounts and joining platforms like MeWe and Parler. MeWe is a great replacement for Facebook (there is a bit of a learning curve but hang in there you will figure it out) and Parler is a nice substitute for Twitter.

YES MEWE IS FREE!!!! Some freak out and do not read the box that pops up, offering a premium membership for $4.99 a month. Look, you do not need it, unless you want more storage space for your photos etc. Groups are free and there SO many of those you can join. Need a page for a business? That will cost $1.99/month. And you can purchase stickers etc for your posts IF you want more than what is offered free.

NOW before you all get your knickers in a knot and panties in tangle because well Facebook doesn’t charge blah blah blah huff and puff, that is correct. Instead you get ads all over the dang place down the side and in your feed. Go view something on Amazon or some other site and you will get regular ads in your feed. See, someone has to pay for those sites so you can use them free. But on Mewe there are NO ads. There is no censoring. They do not sell your information. Those of us paying for features keep it this way for those who do not. And honestly I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee on any social media site for an ad free life.

SO, if you follow me on Facebook, you will need a MeWe account after midnight this coming Friday. Because I’m leaving, DELETING my account (not just deactivating) and saying goodbye to that platform.