A Virtual 5K

Today my daughter and I finally got in our 5K, the Pumpkin Spice Latte 5K.

Because she is a stay at home mom, it meant we were doing our 5K walk with the grandsons, 5 months, 3yo and 5yo. We had the baby carrier and stroller but wanted the boys to walk at least part of it. There is a gorgeous park nearby that has a 1.2 mile, paved trail that allows for a view of the Ohio river on one side and passing trains on the other. It is perfect for being outside and enjoying a leisurely stroll or a power walk. With kids in tow there was no power walking, it took us 1 hour and 19 minutes to do 3.11 miles but it was so worth it. I want to collect medals for these events but not without actually doing my time walking. We earned it today.

Of course afterward we uploaded the suggested selfies with our medals and shirts from the virtual race and then headed home for some pumpkin spice coffee and a keto appropriate lunch. 

This walk was just what the therapist would order if I was still in therapy. Outside, fresh air, beautiful setting and family. It doesn’t get much better than that!

My hope is to train to actually run these virtual events, but until then I’ll be walking and loving every minute!

#IRunForPumpkinSpiceLattes #IRun4Movement