Month End Brain Dump

Yes I am fully aware that today is only the 29th. There are those (or that one) out there that likes to remind folks when they miscount (you need a hobby if this applies to you). But this happens to be the day I have time to do a dump of the September fragments so deal with it or go be fascinated on someone else’s blog page.


Why do we have a celebration of this? Seriously, for folks like me EVERY day is coffee day. I don’t measure my coffee intake by the cup, but rather the pot. As in, “sure doc, I only drink 2 a day/3 a day” as in pots of coffee. I’m a pro, no beginner consumption going on here. And since I had a temp that was too high to donate plasma today (99.6 which anymore is kinda the norm for me *shrugs*), I grabbed iced coffees, Munchkins and headed to my daughter’s house to lend a hand holding the baby. It is a tough job, that baby holding thing, but some Nana has to do it. 🙂

This is my latest coffee tumbler, and I LOVE it. A little more work appropriate than my Covid-19 one so I don’t have to keep it facing the wall on the desk when working on charting. 


In the beginning it was kind of a novelty to me. Oh I know, there are those that think the world is ending as we know it and this is some form of government control. Get the heck over yourselves. Do I think they provide any sort of protection? Well…MAYBE some IF I happen to have a cold/flu etc, and sneezing/coughing, then it will provide SOME protection I THINK, that I won’t send droplets filled with germs all over you. So sure, it is probably providing limited protection.

I know 2 people who religiously wore masks, washed hands, socially distanced like it was a job…and still both caught the virus and got very very sick. So I’m just not buying that it is helping at all.

I wear one at work only because it is required and now even our fun, cloth masks are not permitted unless worn over the top of the medical grade, disposable masks. That little container of bacteria stew on my face is making it break out because we rarely get a break and most of us get busy and don’t change the masks as often as we probably should. I bought some online that have Halloween print just so they’d be cute. I also purchased a bracket to wear under it to keep it off my nose and mouth so that I can actually breathe under the mask. But still I am miserable wearing them and do not believe it is providing any protection. I cannot wait for this insanity to be over.


I recently took the time to watch a documentary on Netflix (for the record I no longer have an account because “Cuties” but had access to someone’s so I could see this), The Social Dilemma. If you or your kiddos use Facebook, Twitter, other social media apps, you need to watch it. Twice even. Once I finished it, I was frankly disturbed. I knew how darned addictive it is, but not the back story as to why. And the ads…and oh so much more that I cannot not begin to explain. But once I saw it, I decided it was time to stop using Facebook. I am giving folks time to catch up to me on there and learn that I have moved on before completely deleting my account. I figure Halloween, around midnight, as it is a full moon, time change and maybe the world will reset? Dunno for sure but that is the date I have slated to remove my account and not look back. 

So where did I go? To MeWe because it is NOT like Facebook. Oh it is a social media platform that is very similar, but there are zero ads, no algorithms and no one selling my information.  I pay for a premium membership but you can use it free. I love that I see what my friends post, in order, EVERY friend, not the ones someone thinks I want to follow. I have my Avon business page still on the Facebook platform (until I delete my account) but also on MeWe. I just can’t do Facebook anymore. I’m sick to death of so much associated with it, especially censorship. Oh, and Mewe does NOT censor your posts, fact check or flag them in anyway. It is a much better platform in so many ways. I’m part of a great group on there that loves their coffee and just chats, no politics etc, and it is like a tribe of my peeps. I recommend it, join MeWe, but watch that documentary too. Please.


Burnout has been a real thing for me until lately. I was fried mentally, physically and emotionally. I took a week off work, went back a week, then had another week off. It was just about perfect. I needed to spend some time just vegging, watching Hallmark movies, crocheting, and catching up on my sleep. 

During one of those weeks we finally buried my mom’s ashes. She passed away April 28, 2018. She had donated her body to the medical school, so it was just over a year before her remains were then cremated and returned to us. Our goal was to then bury her on the 2nd anniversary of her death, since when she was returned it was heading into winter. Then…Covid-19 entered and we had to postpone her burial. Her siblings very much wanted to be there for this event, and many are in the vulnerable range for this stupid virus. Me and my siblings picked her birthday as the date and earlier this month everyone made it into town. 2 days before the event I made a trip to the cemetery to check things out. See, she wanted to be buried on top of her mother, Martha. Martha died from cancer when mom was just 7 years old. Grandpa remarried about a year later, interestingly enough to one of his first wife’s cousins! He is buried between his wives. When I arrived I was shocked to find that grandma Stella’s grave was marked for digging, not Martha’s. My brother showed up and we got that fixed. Mom would have found it all very amusing that she was FedEx’d back to us and that she was almost buried in the wrong grave. But now that final part of the chapter is closed and behind us. 

I may have a creamer addiction. I blame my daughter. Before I had moved in with them I drank black coffee only. They used various flavored creamers and I ended up hooked. The hunt is always on for a great flavor in sugar free but if it cannot be found that way, regular works too.

Time for this Nana to figure out what to make for dinner, get another cup of coffee and then chill with a crochet project. Stay marvelous everyone!



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  1. Hi Marti. TRT here. Very good blog. I just wanted to pipe in on one thing about Mewe. This is what I know. Facebook bought Giphy whick is the gifs that Mewe uses. I asked Mewe management about that and so far have not gotten a response. One time I downloaded the Bitmogie app as you can make an avatar of yourself. My Daughter has it. Well the terms of agreement was about 50 pages long and even if someone else sends you one, it can do an info grab on unwitting you. My point is if programmers can do this then what is stopping facebook/ Giphy.

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