When Nana Visits

ddWhen Nana visits you can count on her stopping at Dunkin Donuts to grab an iced coffee for her and mommy (and of course something for daddy if he is home). And if she is stopping at Dunkin for coffee, she is probably going to be arriving with donuts or donut holes to munch on.

She is likely going to have some microwave popcorn in her bag or purse too because that is a favorite snack and who doesn’t like to share a snack?

LittleEblanketSometimes she brings along her latest crochet project. Yesterday she had 2 such projects, one she needed to sew in the ends of so she could hand it off to the 3yo grandson (it was his baby blanket she has been working on forever it seems). She also had another project for her Etsy Shop this coming autumn. The little one loved it and took it right to his place on the couch and curled up in it so all is good. She made it big enough for the toddler to grow with for a few years.

Before she leaves she will have baby drool/spit-up on both of her shoulders, and she won’t even mind!!! Those are signs she got to snuggle the new baby brother so mommy could grab a shower, cook something using both hands and then actually eat it in one session. 🙂 Nana loves helping, especially if it means she gets to hold the baby.

Nana likes watching Paw Patrol, watching while you play a game on your tablet, and saying,

I love you”

I love you more”

“I love you most!”.

Nana is so silly.

When Nana visits it is the highlight of her week. She loves all of her grandchildren and always looks forward to seeing them.

Now she needs to set up a visit with your cousins and go hang out them!