Tuesday Coffee Musings

**Note: I am receiving NOTHING for the shameless plugs in this post. I just felt sharing them was a good thing to do because they are things I like.**


I’m sitting here enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee. It has been re-heated about 4 times in the microwave because I keep getting distracting actually doing things.

So what is new in the Nana Niche?

lokiIntroducing his royal cuteness, Loki. About a month ago sis had to put down her buddy, Noel (for those who don’t know, my sister and I share an apartment, a love of coffee and cats). This little cutie pie is a rescue, a stray found outside a work site in Louisville, KY. After getting his initial vet stuff done, Boo decided to give him a fur-ever home. He is a joy to watch exploring and playing. At about 3 months old, he is a delight and makes us laugh, a lot! He is a polydactyl cat, having 5 toes on his front paws, a ‘mitten kitten’. He looks like he has thumbs basically. Adorable is the best way to describe him. Pixel is adjusting to him slowly. At first it was hiss and vinegar from her, but now her curiosity is getting the best of her and she gets close, checks him out and then moves on. We hope she will adopt him as her little brother soon. Meanwhile he thinks he has gone to kitty heaven with 2 litter boxes bathrooms and the never ending food buffet, not to mention toys everywhere. He is a blessed little fur-ball.

meweI’ve mentioned it but want to stress how much better MeWe is than Facebook. They don’t flag and censor your political posts for starters. They don’t allow porn or cyber-bullying but beyond that it is pretty wide open. There are groups for everything you can imagine and folks creating new ones all of the time. OH and MeWe doesn’t decide for you what you want to see from your friends, no algorithms, everything shows up from friends and groups in chronological order. The learning curve hasn’t been difficult, I just have to not expect it to be the same as Facebook. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…there are those looking for hook-ups. If I had a $1 for every such attempt on Facebook I wouldn’t need to work. But I just ignore and block those on all fronts and move on. I don’t accept contacts/friend requests from folks I don’t know, and there is no chatting if they are not connections so no worries about inappropriate messages unless I decide to chance it and accept them. Which I don’t. That simple. Join and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! It is time to let Facebook have it’s controlling ways and find other places to hang out.

CKboxI finally got to a place to start subscribing to one of my all time favorite boxes, the Cultivate Kindness Box. What this world needs is a LOT more kindness and this is a great place to start. It was started by a 16yo young lady as a project for her business class in school and it took off. There are now 3 different options, one is for inspiring kindness, one for taking kindness action, and one just the monthly t-shirt. You won’t regret this at all, it is well worth the money. Each month is focused on a different charity, and each box provides 5 meals to Feeding America. You just cannot go wrong on this one! Pictured is what was in this month’s box, except the key chain which went on my keys immediately.

Well as much as I’d love to sit here all day I have to get my butt in gear. My to-do list/goals for the day is lengthy and isn’t going to do itself.

Have a MARVELOUS day!!!