Finding A Facebook Alternative

meweLately I’m just done with the constant flagging of posts on Facebook by what I call fake fact checkers. Often times, because one small, tiny detail of a conservative post is off (his shirt was blue rather than the mentioned red – yes that simple and stupid), the post will get flagged. I’m tired of folks determining for me, who don’t know me, the order in which I will see posts from friends. Or determining if we are ‘friends’ enough that I may wish to see their posts or not at all. Facebook manipulates my newsfeed and I hate that. I also hate the sponsored ads floating by, especially if it is something I glanced at on Amazon then suddenly I seen 14 ads for that item or similar ones all day long. I’m just over it.

I like the fun of social media, the happy posts, kid posts, yes even the cute kitten video posts. And my Facebook feed was a lot of crap I just don’t want to see.

I tried starting a new Facebook and that helped for about 3 hours before it all started up again.

I am on Parler and giving it a try, but a friend mentioned MeWe. I LOVE IT!!! No ads. No bullying, illegal, obscene, etc. Just fun. I can have my Avon page but I have to pay monthly for it and that is okay with me. Groups are free. The basic service itself is free, and you can purchase a monthly plan if you like to use more than standard emojis or want to use themes. Then you can pay $4.99/month. But you get all the basic stuff that you have with Facebook for free other than having a business style page. I love this. You will probably love it too. In fact I will likely drift away from Facebook until it becomes something of the past for me.

Parler….not sure on it yet. Using it mostly for political news and posts for now. But MeWe is my new Facebook alternative and so far so good!