Eggs…Lots and Lots of Eggs!

set of different colored raw eggs
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Recently a few of the nurses at work started doing a Keto Egg fast. One of them knocked off 10 pounds in just 4 days. I am impressed to say the least.

I have done a mild ketosis based, healthy eating and lost 38 pounds in 3 months and loved it! And I kept it all off with proper, healthy eating. Right up until my mom passed away 2 years ago. That is when my eating spiraled for a bit. I put on some weight but no biggie because I knew how to pull out of that free fall and get myself back on track. While living with my daughter I started on a loose, Keto eating plan and a bunch of the weight came right back off.

Then I moved back to Cincinnati, in with my sister, who had also lost right around 40 pounds and kept it off until mom died. We weren’t doing our best but we were managing to eat reasonably well. We hadn’t lost all the weight we had gained back (about 20 pounds) but we were well on the way.

Then Covid-19 happened.

Now, I do not blame the virus for my lack of self control. But it sure hasn’t helped. See, I am an emotional eater. Sad? Have a food for that. Depressed? Got one for that. Happy? Oh yes, something for that too. Pick an emotion and I have a food choice for it. None of those selections is usually wise or healthy. I have been riding the emotional, mental, and physical roller coasters of this blasted pandemic like an amusement park jockey running for the roses.


I cannot do this anymore.

I went from 186.5 pounds on 5/4/17, down to 148.5, and this morning the scale read 175.3.

OH no way, this is NOT happening to me.

27 pounds needs to come back off. NOW. I’m done.

SO, I had already mentioned all this to my sister and when she hit the grocery store Friday she bought 54 eggs, a bunch of cheese, and mayo. This is the Keto Egg Fast we are following. Kissing my creamer good -bye and headed to the black coffee for now, I am not doing this to myself anymore. My energy level is down, water intake pretty shallow as in an ant couldn’t drown in it. I’m just done.

OH and no more Dunkin Iced Coffees for a bit, because even though I don’t get cream and sugar, those fancy flavor swirls are not without calories or carbs. And I always get extra. *face palm*

This morning I said ENOUGH ALREADY and have begun.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR DIETITIAN so you do you, follow whatever plan your medical needs call for and take no advice from me as to what you should be doing. I’m sharing MY journey. This is Nana Marti doing HER thing. I am not responsible in any way for you.

You can follow me and see where this goes. I’m not ashamed to post my weight or progress. 🙂