Time For A Change

time for change sign with led light
Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

Many times over the past few years I’ve debated making a change to Facebook. Ever since the last presidential election it has really bothered me how easily I got sucked into the back-and-forth, unkind posts etc. Facebook should be a happy place, an escape. Mine should reflect who I am in Christ: A daughter of the Most High. It did not. But the whole idea of erasing it and starting over was overwhelming and honestly, for a while there, you couldn’t actually delete it, just de-activate.

This weekend’s message from church really struck a few chords with me. While I’ve struggled to get myself back into a regular devotion rhythm on a daily basis I have also struggled with everything else in life. During the night when I was struggling to sleep because of a number of things on my mind, I realized it is time to just do it. I downloaded photos from albums, created a new Facebook account and hit delete on the other. If I do nothing for 30 days it will be gone for good. For now…it is simply gone if anyone goes looking.

During the wee hours of the morning I also deleted my latest game addiction, Coin Master. While it is a lot of fun it also ends up involving real money for virtual items (spins and coins) once you get to the higher levels (over 100). I could no longer justify having it because the temptation to spend money was just too much. I also realized that if I was spending real money to buy spins to create new villages at those levels, the folks I’m blowing up and destroying were too, and it was likely costing them real money to rebuild. I cannot justify that even if it is their choice. So, that one is no longer on my phone. I like Mahjong because it is free (sure you could spend money for hints but why?), and I love the puzzle games. I have a word search game too just to kill time some days and I’m thinking about a game called Township that a coworker is playing but not if it means having to spend money. I refuse.

If I learned nothing else during this lock-down, it is that I want to simplify my life. I have 2 Twitter accounts (about to remove one) and 2 Instagram accounts. That may not change, as one is private for just close friends and family, and one is for Avon/Pink Zebra. But keeping it all updated is starting to stress me out. Not even sure I want to keep more than one blog because I honestly don’t have time for 2!

I’ve also allowed myself to trot on down the unhealthy food trail. I’m back peddling that and onto the healthy path again because, frankly, I feel like crap when I eat junk. Time to pull it together again.

So, if by chance we were friends on Facebook and I have vanished from your virtual world view, simply search for me and add me again. I must say, for now, I’ve dropped from 500+ friends to under 100 and not at all sure that is a bad thing! I do wish I’d get the updated version with the dark mode, that is change I also would love!