10 Things That Are Very Under Rated

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There is so much in life we take for granted, things that I consider under rated.

  1. Hot Showers – I take this one for granted a lot. When I got up yesterday for work, jumping in the shower I realized just how amazing it is to wake up under that hot water. Okay I did not jump in the shower as that would be dangerous at any time but especially at my advancing age. Next time you are standing under the toasty streams take a moment to really relish it!
  2. Hugs – I’ve read a lot about how powerful hugs are when it comes to the positive effects on the human body and mind. I long for hugs from those small arms of my grandkids so much! And I miss gently embracing my residents at work as we are told to keep our distance. In some cases we just cannot as they have dementia and don’t understand so a quick one will sometimes happen. I cannot wait for this whole virus insanity to end so I can hug all over those kids again, and every resident at work!
  3. Hot Coffee – this one I have daily, and sometimes iced java. But take some time, if you are a coffee drinker, to slowly take in the aroma, the wonderful taste as it crosses your tongue and slips down your throat, and how wonderful it feels to just sit there and enjoy that first cup. Too many days it is grab and go when it comes to my tumbler and I don’t truly appreciate that first sip!
  4. Mindless Games – I play a few on my phone. My current addiction is Coin Master. I’m behind the times, I know, having just discovered it thanks to a poorly scripted TV commercial. I’m way too into this one and fully admit that since my ‘fun money’ in my budget cannot be spent going out I have dropped it on spins in the game. Say what you want about these time wasters but it is keeping me sane right now.
  5. Coloring – it is NOT just for children! I have 2 coloring books made for adults and some colored pencils. It is mindless, relaxing, even soothing. I highly recommend it if you are feeling the stress from these crazy times.
  6. Being Waited On – I miss going out to eat. Nothing fancy, just sitting down and eating where someone else is doing the serving and clean up and I can relax and enjoy conversation with another person. Too often lately I just don’t feel like making anything to eat, even if all it means is dumping salad from a bag on a plate, seems like too much effort.
  7. Solitude – I am an introvert and home body type. My energy is sapped by people and crowds. While I love my job, at the end of the shift my go-go juice is gone-gone and I don’t have enough to mentally process much. I need alone time. I LOVE living with my sister, but I also treasure my off days when solo. (trust me she does too as she is like me) Days like today, when I have some time just to myself. I’m loading up and recharging my batteries. No TV, music, phone…just silence and alone time.
  8. A Comfy Bed – There are many who simply get in bed a night, sigh and go to sleep, me included. But last night when I got in, crawled under those warm covers and that wonderful, weighted blanket, I realized just how blessed I am to fall asleep in a nice, big, comfy bed (not to mention the roof over my head even if the douche canoe upstairs sounds like he is herding buffalo some nights). I had worked hard for 4 straight days and the bed felt SO good! Be thankful if you have a nice bed to sleep in each night, you are wealthier than you know.
  9. Hair Stylists – A huge round of applause goes out to those who keep our locks looking great. Many are reaching the second month of no hair cuts and it shows on all of us. I’m fortunate to have a great stylist and a few good back-ups. And OH do I miss them now! I cannot wait to get this mop cut again!
  10. Prayer – THIS right here, is the  most important and probably the most under rated and least used of all things. Prayer is a life line, it is a conversation with my heavenly Father, my Abba. The One who formed me, made me who I am and helps me workout the kinks in me, my life and the One whose hands I rest in when life is overwhelming, I’m afraid, or I’m just done. The One who is always there with me no matter where I am or what I am going through. And the one thing I tend to neglect the most frequently. Yet when I am finished and say ‘amen’ I feel better than ever for having taken that time to be in communion with the One who is in control. Couple that with your bible, because being in His word will transform your life.

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  1. Wonderfully said Marti. These things are not only the cherished things….like the tiny hugs of our grand babies but things like the comfy bed and a delightful coffee are not even available to most people on this planet. We are a wealthy country, even the poorest American is wealthy next to the poverty seen outside the U.S. We have taken for granted our gifts and our favored status. May God keep His hand on America and may we humble ourselves before Him!

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