Brain Dump Of Random Thoughts

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Do you ever go through your day, come across something that sparks a question in your mind? Or have thoughts that really are just random non-sense and don’t fit into the bigger picture but tend to linger on the edge of your thoughts? I do and this is a my brain dump of those things.

  • Why do we count to 3? We want the kids to clean up and they resist so we count to 3. We need to move a resident/patient at work so we do it on 3. Come to a stop sign and the standard drivers education says sit for a count of 3 before proceeding. What is so magical about the number 3? Why not 2, is that too short a time span? Or 4 or 5 were too long? At what point did we determine 3 was going to have this honor?
  • Why are crayons for kids? Do adults not know that it is very therapeutic to sit and color? Often seen as a childish activity, coloring is fun, relaxing and mindless activity that can be very rewarding. I know, there are adult coloring books but seriously this needs to be marketed better to stressed out big people.
  • When did we decide that only women should crochet or knit, and therefore one must be a sissy if male and working with yarn? Perhaps because while men were out working in the fields women were home cooking, cleaning and making? Little by little the stigma is vanishing and I love that this amazing young man, Jonah, is changing that perception and getting not only males but KIDS to want to learn this amazing skill! It is so relaxing and productive!
  • I think the world has gone off the rails. I get it, this new virus is scary because it is NEW. But really, the flu kills so many people and we aren’t all up in arms and shutting down everything over it. It baffles me. And the toilet paper thing…when a huge snow storm is forecast everyone buys up all the eggs, milk and bread (French toast supplies), things one can eat. Um..if you fear being stuck at home for a long time what is with the poo tickets, why not stock pile food, water, wine, beer and ice cream? Are you all going to eat the Charmin? *scratching and shaking head*
  • Wouldn’t it be great if everyone just could stop posting negative stuff on social media for one week. Just one week of nothing but funny memes, kitten and puppy photos, family friendly jokes, you know? I’m trying to daily but it is harder than I imagined.

That is just some of the stuff I have floating around in my brain. Nothing earth shattering just stuff.

Have a marvelous day y’all!