Coffee & Creamer ~ 4th Cup

Coffee cup with steam
Coffee cup with steam

This crazy world is so full of negativity that I decided I wanted to do a weekly post featuring just fun, happy, warm & fuzzy things. Might be a recipe, jokes, stories to make you feel good, ya just never know!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you love to sip when relaxing) and enjoy!



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I’ve been pondering this for a few days now. There are somethings in this life that are just so under rated and deserve more appreciation.

First – Clean sheets. Going to bed at the end of the day is so much better on crisp, clean sheets! Assuming you wash your bedding regularly (if not..ewwww why is this not a thing for you?), yes your sheets are nice and clean. But think about it, that first time you slip between those layers of crisp, clean, awesomeness freshly made on the bed! It is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Second – A hot shower. Most of us are in such a rush to get going in the morning that I think we miss the best part of waking up, the early morning shower. We really are spoiled to have hot water running in our homes, heck running water at all. But there is just something so wonderful about standing under that hot water. Even after work a steamy shower is the perfect way to bring the mind and body back down from the wildness of the work day. Next time you can actually relax and not try to set a new world or personal time record, just stand there in the warmth of that shower and soak it all in, that goodness that is a hot waterfall in the bathroom.

Third – The first cup of coffee. You know one thing about me if you follow any of my social media accounts, I am all about the coffee. Truth be told I drink more than a healthy share of the magic bean java soup. But no matter the day, event etc, there is nothing quite as glorious as that very first sip from the very first cup of the day. You can almost feel it soaking into the blood stream and waking you up. Ahhhh….

Have a marvelous day!