I cannot believe it has been a month since I’ve posted anything. Seriously I have no idea how I got so darn busy living life that I neglected my blog (my outlet), and yet here we are with nothing but silence for 30 days. Fear not, my loyal readers, I am still alive. Let’s get everything up to date!

Where to start….

I’m 43 days without touching alcohol and I do not miss it one bit. I cannot say that I really struggle, though I often think on the way home from work that a glass of wine would rock. Instead, I grab my crochet hook to unwind and get productive. #hookertherapy

3 blankets/throws were crocheted to completion over these 4 weeks, which given the amount of over time I’ve worked, this is no small feat for Nana Marti! One was a request from my daughter-in-law, she needed a baby blanket for a friend. Those are the ones I do for cost, when a family member needs something special for someone deserving.

Work…I’ve been working a lot because I enjoy it and honestly needed the money for some things I wanted to purchase.

I purchased….(insert drum roll)….a weighted blanket!!!! I’m in sleep heaven! I believed the hype surrounding these wonders, as my daughter found great relief from anxiety under one as she sleeps. My niece also said good-bye to insomnia, as did my sister. Little sis also noticed a lack of bad dreams and deeper sleep. I don’t have trouble sleeping all that often, but when I do happen to wake up in the night my brain switches to ‘ON’ and I am done in dreamland with the Sand Man. Well, despite waking in the night I have drifted right back to sleep and oh the deep, restful snoozing! My choice was a LUNA Adult Weighted blanket for a queen size bed, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Cooling Cotton & Premium Glass Beads. Now how it was determined that a blanket should be 10% of your body weight is not known to me but everything I read suggested this is the ideal so I went with the 15 pounder. The cotton is cooling, I do not get hot under this thing despite my menopausal existence. Being claustrophobic I was a little freaked at first but I adjusted to the weight and settled in comfortably.

I’ve added Flora Metal Feather Butt (my choice of names) to my collection of things that make me happy. My sister knew I had seen the giant, metal pink flamingos multiple times at Hobby Lobby and joked I was going to have one some day. She surprised me with it. 🙂 OH I still adhere to minimalist living, but that doesn’t mean I cannot have a few fun things around that make my HAPPY!


As some may know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Not to the level of naming pets after characters but I do enjoy the movies and books (I have read them SO many times). I always loved Dumbledore, a true man of wisdom, love, cunning in the most positive ways, and humor. Maybe because I see so much of that in my mom. I’m also drawn, interestingly enough, to characters who it happens are the also Enneagram 2’s like me! Dobby is by far my favorite little hero in the series. You can see which characters share your type here. My sister ordered me a Funko POP of Dumbledore that now graces my desk.


I suppose now I need to get the others that all into my type.

Well I’m off for a busy day off to hang with the grandsnugglers, clean the apartment, do some hooker work on the latest two projects and then work a partial, 4 hour shift, at work tonight just for the sheer joy of making a bit of extra money doing something I love.

Have a marvelous day y’all!