Growing My Side Hustle

Did you know, Nana Mart is also Glamma Marti? A glamorous grandma who happens to sell Avon? Follow that one too for all the scoop on Avon!

956e89dd8614aff249e28eff989ffd8bI’ve been selling Avon since 2011, at one point having a team of 50+ representatives. Life got in the way and I let my business go unattended and slowly it vanished.

Well this glamma is back in the saddle. Avon has changed and so have I! We’ve both grown in leaps and bounds and now I’m ready to start sharing all of the amazing products here, for you, so you can be your most beautiful you!

True beauty begins on the inside, the outside layer is the icing on the cake. Lets get you iced and some sprinkles.


Keep coming back there is SO much I’ll be sharing!

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