Being Sick Sucks

medsTo quote my mother, “I feel like 10 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag”. Yep that sums it up. Somehow I have managed to contract another cold/respiratory virus and so I’m benched, on the disabled list of life. Camped mostly on the couch or in bed, sucking down Elderberry Syrup like wine and various cold/flu symptom remedies and praying this passes quickly. I HATE it.

I tried reading to pass time, but my head feels so heavy that focusing on the words was difficult. Then I thought I’d crochet, but again just feeling so blah there is zero ability to really stay on my stitch count so I bailed on that too. Even binging NCIS is hard because I fall asleep watching and miss major pieces of an episode (or several episodes in a row).

Showering is a must, because while it is a low grade fever it does go up and down, breaking and I sweat then it is back again. Just enough of one to feel crappy. UGH.

My side hustle? Who can think about makeup when you are feeling like death?

Then there is the guilt…

I left my side kick, Danielle, flying solo at work. I sent out a massive amount of texts but couldn’t find anyone to cover my shifts so she did 2 days, 12.5 hour shifts, solo. She is my hero and such a trooper. I owe her more than a few iced Dunkin coffees.

Here is hoping that before another day goes by I make some serious progress toward feeling better. I can’t keep this up and remain sane! (hush y’all, I’m not that crazy!)

If you are sick, have a fever, or had one yesterday, please stay home. The rest of us really do not want to be ill! The following was posted on Facebook by Totally The Bomb, and it applies to adults as well as kids, and employers wake up, if you make it hard on employees who are sick or have sick kids, you are part of the problem: