Wearing The CF Tiara

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I’m not at all sure but I suspect us women just get in ‘nesting’ mode at times, pregnant or not. Perhaps it is a PMS type thing, though having had a hysterectomy 16 years ago I only know that PMS is kicking in because I get a short fuse and crave insanely sweet things. And yes, we still get PMS after menopause or hysterectomies so if you were hoping to stop being a loose cannon one day consider your hopes dashed. Based on my desire to pour the sugar bowl in my mouth I’m guessing it is PMS time.

After nearly 9 hours of sleep last night, I woke up slow today. Maybe because the douche canoe upstairs once again pounded on the floor/wall/something at 3:30am, 5 times then it went silent after I was wide awake, who knows. I do know that since I do not work tomorrow if he does it again tonight I’m going to stand on the bed and beat on the ceiling with a hammer in reply. Take that oh evil knight of interrupting sleepers. Anyway, I got up, drank the last cup of coffee in the pot left by little sis then wandered out to the living room. That was where it all began.

The dining room table was the final frontier for getting in order for my sister. She has been through a lot in the past 626 days since mom died. Not my story to tell but suffice to say depression became a close companion. I’m really proud of her as she has worked hard with a therapist for a while and just sheer determination to pull out of that tail spin. But a home front that gets away from you and begins to feel like a hoarder’s paradise only compounds the blues and she finally just gave up trying to keep order. Mom and I always said we could tell what her mental status/stress level was based on the order of her room, or lack thereof. It didn’t take me long (a day?) to realize that this was indeed where God wanted me next, to fix/help her right her sinking ship. Over the holidays she suddenly hit a peak and grabbed trash bags and purged her closet and room, and when it was all cleaned up she found peace and tranquility in her room again. I did notice the past few days she was not herself and could see things creeping back that indicated she was overly stressed mentally again.

Sorry, I hijack my own blog a lot….

I looked around over the rim of that steaming cup of liquid energy and knew what I needed to do. I put on the Cleaning Fairy Tiara and got down to business. I organized, cleaned, removed a leaf from the table, and pulled it out from the wall so it is functional again. Only a small number of things remain for her to address after work.

Ah, but I had only just begun….

This crown wearing pixie cannot stand cleaning bathrooms. Hard to believe I clean up actual sh*t for a living, and sometimes blood, once in a blue moon vomit, but nope, not cleaning bathrooms. I’d pay someone to do it. Thankfully Boo has no issue with giving the loo a good going over with some deep cleaning wand waving.

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I got down to business and while doing 4 loads of laundry attacked the Diva Den II. I moved furniture to vacuum, dusted, and ran that sweeper again. I took a rubber Norwex brush to the couches, brushing up all of the cat fur, then vacuumed them, twice over. I think we had a litter of kittens there despite having swept them recently. See, that brush pulls that fur up and even with a lint roller there isn’t anymore kitty cat hair left behind. Let me tell you when I got done this place was immaculate.

But wait, yes there is more!

Then came the kitchen. I pulled up the mats from under cat bowls, and put those through the washer, mopped the floor, took my Enviro cloth to the microwave first, then the entire kitchen from stove to counters. OH baby is that kitchen looking good! My room is clean as well, dusted and swept and for giggles I washed all the hand towels, bath mat etc.

Yes, the DDII is sparkling! I even decluttered by putting away things we aren’t currently using like candles. We have a bunch, but are burning some at the moment so it made sense to put away the rest until we are ready for them. I had to reign myself in from cleaning sis’s room and her desk (we both have a desk in our ‘office’ area behind the living room). We agree to not mess with each others things so other than a quick run across her carpet with the vac I restrained myself.

The trash is in the dumpster, laundry folded and put away, and my CF Tiara is back on it’s pillow until the next time. I love the accomplished feeling of a job well done!

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