I Miss You

mom.jpgThis day has been very strange. I find myself so emotional about you, mom.

  • I miss coming down the hall at night, you turning on your lamp when I thought you were sound asleep, just to tell me to come sit and tell you about my day. I treasure those memories.
  • I miss sipping coffee in our arm chairs in the mornings, talking about all the things and nothing, just enjoying each other’s company.
  • I miss you when watching NCIS, Blue Bloods and This Is Us, your favorite shows we enjoyed together.
  • I miss coming to you for advice about situations at work and difficult families, knowing you had seen it all and knew what not to do or say.
  • I miss being able to turn to you for advice, for everything!
  • I miss knowing you prayed for each of us, every single day.
  • I miss walking by your room seeing your lips silently moving with those prayers.
  • I miss the sound of your breathing at night when I couldn’t sleep, and would wander past your darkened doorway.
  • I miss hugging you every night and telling you I loved you, and hearing you say you loved me.
  • I miss camping out on your bed when you were too weak to get up, talking about life, dying and facing my worst fear of waking up that first morning without you here. You were right, I was never going to be ready. 😦
  • I miss Saturday wine nights, going to the store to find a new wine to try based on the crazy labels.
  • I miss sitting out on the deck in our jammies in the morning, drinking coffee and sharing from social media, or just talking. And the many nights out there well after dark laughing and enjoying our little piece of Diva Den paradise.
  • I miss those comfort foods you made that you thought were a kinda lame meal and we gals thought were the best. thing. ever!
  • I missed you on Christmas Eve at your brother’s, seeing all my aunts, uncles and cousins, but not your face, smile and laugh in the crowd. It simply is not the same.

Most of all…you. I just miss YOU so much.