The Great Wallet Purge

80840957_1186283181568667_1188138458317586432_nIn keeping with my goal of minimalist living, my wallet became a target today. It mostly crossed the radar because I was looking for something and couldn’t find it among the many receipts, scraps of paper, random business cards (no clue why I kept them) and old gift cards. In the past I’d have put off cleaning out the wallet spaces, I know this because I’ve put it off for months. Not today.

Among some pretty old receipts I made a discovery. $3 in singles and some gift cards. I decided to find out what, if any, balance was there to be spent. I was not disappointed. I have one for $5 for ice cream at Graeter’s, which if you were a fan of Oprah’s favorite things and not a Cincinnati native, you know that is a good thing! I also have a card for Dunkin with $8 on it. YES!

So, on top of actually having a functional wallet, uncluttered and organized, I have some cards ready for when my day needs a shot in the arm with a treat!