My 2020 Non-Resolutions

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We are 3 days into the new year and how many of you have already blown your top New Year’s resolution? I’m guessing most of you decided to eat healthy and lose weight as one of the biggies. Probably a few of you even woke up on 1/1/20 and said you would never drink again because you felt like you were ran over by a train but already have plans to go out and party tonight. This Nana doesn’t make resolutions because a resolution is just an idea or a dream if there is no plan in place to make it happen.


I have several goals for 2020. Goals require a plan in order to achieve them. It isn’t enough to say “this is the year I shed 25 pounds” if you do not have some steps in place to take in order for that 25 chunks of fat to fall off your body. You need to make a plan, like joining a gym, finding out how to eat and healthy then purchase only those items that fit the criteria.

So, here are some of my 2020 big goals and the plans to achieve them:

  • Stick to a budget – In order to do this I had to find out where my money was going so I looked at all of November on my bank statements and after getting over the shock of how much money I wasted on things like iced coffees and Amazon Prime spending, I got down to business. First thing I did was watched a bunch of The Budget Mom’s videos and read a lot of her blogs. Then I purchased the Budget by Paycheck workbook and started to figure out what my budget was going to look like based on her teachings. Everything is put into the workbook from bills to food, savings and birthday gifts. Let me tell you this, I’m really picky now about spending my money. Even the $20 bluetooth ear buds I’d like have gone in and out of the cart on my Prime account so much I just stuck them on the wish list. I’m picking up overtime as much as I’m able in order to rebuild my emergency fund so when the wheels fall off the money is there and doesn’t destroy me financially. Today, payday #1 of the new year, the first thing I did before showering even was sit down with the budget workbook, tithe to church, pay all the bills, and know what I need to pull from the ATM/bank to put in my cash envelopes. There is a line item for ‘fun’, which the ear buds would fall under and just not sure I want to blow my spending money on them.
  • Lose 20 pounds – Since mom passed I used eating as a means of comfort again, at one point even gaining almost 30 of the 40 pounds I had shed. I’m happy to report that is coming back off now and I’ve dumped the first 10. How? Well I know, thanks to my time on Optavia and as a health coach for them, how to eat. A mild keto of sorts and things are changing. The plan is simple, I don’t purchase anything that does not fit into the healthy lifestyle and eating. I get plenty of movement in my job, 18,000 steps a day on average now that we are on 12 hour shifts. The bigger temptations are at work but if I keep sugarless gum with me I can redirect myself away from that cookie or brownie. A former friend had herself convinced the stuff would make her sick to her stomach, so I tell myself that. Honestly after eating healthy for a week, a cookie just about does make me sick. And water, such a critical piece of life that is so often ignored. I drink 90 ounces a day, using a water tracking app on my phone and iWatch to make sure I’m getting enough.
  • Build My Side Hustle – back in the day about 6 years or so ago, I started my Avon business. I had a team of 52 under me and was doing really well in sales. Then I let a man come into my life that distracted me from what was important and didn’t stay focused on building my dream. Well this is the year my goal is to make it to President’s Club in sales. How? By spending time each week and on off days from my primary job as a nurse aide, doing the work. The way I’m doing this is to plan my week each Sunday. I get my planner, schedule posts for social media, blogging etc, then get it written in the planner. I LOVE to check things off to-do lists so I get excited about actually doing things in order to check them off.

It really isn’t hard to make a plan. Just set the goal and then figure out what steps need to be taken to achieve it. Document the steps and start the doing part.

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Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I made one: move – EVERY day at least 40 minutes of movement ( and the ‘on my feet all day nursing job can’t count). Rake the leaves, biking , walking my neighbor’s great dane, etc…
    That’s the plan.

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