A Day Off In The Life Of Nana Marti

white ceramic mug
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

I am off work today and so thankful! I had hoped to pick up tomorrow but that shift isn’t available. And I am SO thankful! You see, I just worked 5 days in a row of 12 1/2 hour shifts and today has been such a blessing! How so you might ask? Allow me to count the ways….

  1. I’ve worked on my budget now that my expenses have been reduced by moving in with my sister. This little project was way over due and in the process I have learned that with all of the money I blow on Dunkin Donuts coffee I could probably buy my own Dunkin franchise. Oh the things I’ll be removing from my frivolous spending!
  2. I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie that I had not seen. Same actors, generally the same plot line as all of the others, cheesy and gave me the warm fuzzies.
  3. My Avon order arrived only 2 days after placing it. This, compared to the “anyone’s guess as to ETA” of living out in the country, is wonderful!
  4. Coffee…with peppermint mocha (sugar free) creamer, ALL. DAY. LONG. YUMMY!!!
  5. A phone call from my cousin, Mary, who is only a few weeks ahead of me in the grief process of losing one’s dearly loved mother, because she saw a post of mine and knew I needed that “hug”. We both are finding that this second round of holidays without our moms is even harder than the first ones. Who knew?
  6. Eating healthy all day long because that is all we have in the fridge at the moment, which is a wonderfully good thing. Okay coffee might not be entirely healthy but I cannot be expected to give up everything.
  7. Having enough quarters to actually do 2 loads of laundry and then folding and putting it all away.
  8. Vacuuming because it has been a few days and cats…
  9. Enjoying not having to be out in the elements today, even though it was sunny (but yet still cold), while enjoying the aroma of holiday candles burning.
  10. Just sitting at times doing nothing and no guilt!

This has been my day. I’ve loved every minute of it!