Day 10 ~ Gratitude Journaling

What is your favorite bible verse?

I wish it was so easy that I could pick just one. But I’ll go with the one that comes back to me in various places and ways every time my life goes sideways or gets complicated:

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While it wasn’t written to me, I know that God is this way about all of His children.

Life hasn’t been easy the past 590 days. Yes I know the exact number of days because when we of the Diva Den were getting ready to move to the apartments and sell the house I had a count down in my phone app, and after the day arrived it started counting the days that has passed since the event. Mom died 589 days ago. That was when my life changed forever and what started the 590 days of difficulty. We moved, she died. 336 days later I moved to Hidden Valley Lake, in with my daughter, her husband and kids, who had just moved there a few months prior when her world turned on end. And now 8 months later I moved again.

This time I’m living with my sister. We were in the same building, having moved her and my niece in one apartment, me and mom into the other. It kept us together but in different ‘homes’. My niece moved out a year ago, but sis stayed. Now, as of yesterday, I occupy the second bedroom. My new normal is living with my sister, our 2 cats, and figuring life out together.

I don’t know what exactly God has planned for my life now, but I am safe, with family still just a different branch of it, again with folks who love me, and all is well in my world. Cluttered and needs organizing, purging, and cleaning but well.

I’ve come to realize in talking to her the past few weeks that my little sister needs me here with her. Her type 1 needs my type 2 to help her right her world again. She is struggling with mom’s death, as am I, more so this holiday season than last. I’m a fixer so I’ll help her fix life again and get it on track.

Looking back over my shoulder I see God’s hand in every area of my life. And I will look back in a year and see that this too has been of His design.