Rocking Denial Like A Boss

circus theme party
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on

I will be relocating my life in 3 days.

I have packed exactly nothing. Zip. Nada.

There is purging and packing to be done, boxes to be loaded and labeled and I haven’t even begun the process. In fact I was off yesterday and today and here I sit at 11:50am in my jammies, needing a shower, sipping coffee and scrolling through Facebook.

I think I’m in denial of the entire circus that is about to once again open production on my life. I’ve attended this 3 ring chaos exhibition 2 times in less than 2 years. This 3rd show is just not of interest to me. The last two rounds I purged so much stuff. Other than furniture I’m tiny house ready and I’m about to pitch a bunch more, let go of even more furniture and treasured items. No clue what the future holds, the unknown is sitting over there like Pandora’s box and causing me more anxiety than I care to admit.

I need more coffee.

I need a nap.