Day 6 ~ Gratitude Journaling

6. What made you laugh today?

img_2082I showered this morning, after the preschooler and toddler had their shower. As I was toweling off to step out onto our amazing Norwex bathmat (yes, shameless plug) I looked down and noticed I could see four foot prints, each of the two pair off set from the other. I started laughing because it was so darn cute to see the imprint of my grandson’s feet.

No this pic has zero to do with kids foot prints, but it’s funny too. Made by residents where I work it was a must have at the craft show last year, and it made me laugh back then so it works. 🙂

I LOVE kids and my grandchildren are possibly the greatest joy ever in my life because they are MY baby’s babies! These little foot prints in the fabric just made my whole day and yes, are now added to my 1,000 gifts list I’m keeping because little things like this are truly gifts from God.