Day 2 ~ Gratitude Journaling

2. Where did you see God in your life today?

71496229_2644549632297211_4377132889410633728_nI saw God today in many places.

  • The roof over our heads, provided with so much love from my daughter’s best friend because she felt God wanted her to rent to my daughter and I was graciously included to live in this gorgeous setting.
  • Giggles and shrieks of a toddler and preschooler running through the house playing.
  • The photo of a butterfly my dad snapped while out on his daily excursion with his camera in hand looking for things to photograph.
  • Mama deer and her twins roaming through the forest behind us, now more visible as the leaves are starting to die and fall from trees and bushes once lush and green.
  • A long over due visit with my sister who drove out to hang with me and refresh her soul that is so tired from non-stop working (runs in this family, way more purpose than play) and a touch of depression of her own. It was like being on retreat for her to come out to the country, relax while we caught up on a favorite TV show and crocheted, sipping our Dunkin Donuts coffee.
  • The prayer before dinner and shared meal with my daughter’s family and my sister, made by the loving hands of my talented child turned mama bear.
  • In the pages of my bible read with today’s devotional from church.
  • The sunset, so gorgeous, as I walked my sister to her car and hugged her goodbye.

God is everywhere in life, and the more grateful the heart the more obvious His presence. My Abba, always with me and in control.