Day 1 ~ Gratitude Journaling

4259d14116508736a269c7a62f2a8992Once in a while, as rocking as this Nana life can be, I hit a rut. Maybe my mojo is off, could be a little depression trying to slip in under the door of my mind, possibly I am working too much and don’t have enough recharge time. Whatever the reason behind it I’m in one of those spots of late. So, in order to right the ship I need to spend some time being grateful.

You already know that I highly recommend the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. And just last night I logged my 40th gift in my war room binder. I’ll even share, it was the night sky. Out here in the country-ish land in Indiana, when one looks up on a clear night the stars will take your breath away. I stood in the middle of the driveway looking up until I was concerned my family or a neighbor might call the local LEOs. God is beautiful, good, and gives wonderful gifts if we take time to see them.

I stumbled on this Gratitude Journaling list, from Sunshyne Gray on Pinterest and decided I’ll keep a 25 day focused gratitude journal to climb out of this muck I’m in right now. SO, without further explanation, here is number 1!

1. Name a highlight in your day.

Texts from my cousin, Mary. She always finds the coolest, most uplifting little memes and sends them along with a good morning, have a great day type message and a little heart. She is a true encourager, a Barnabas of personality types. She seems to just know when I’m needing it the most and the notification pops up on my phone. Usually I’m smiling before I even read the text because I know she sends them from a heart of love and understanding of where I’m walking in this life. Neither of us can say “yep my life is going according to plan” because the plan shattered and blew away many years ago and now we are both kind of just flying on the winds of change and rolling with it. I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like, but she is always right there if I need her. Love ya lady!!!!