Saturday Coffee Musings September 14

Good morning y’all, it is a warm Saturday here in the valley. Partly sunny and not much breeze that I can see out of my window. Inside it is cool, smells of Pink Zebra Relax wafting through the air and 2 unfinished crochet projects on deck. The to-do list of projects is lengthy but I’m determined.

70582844_2226925187416710_6741900341664546816_nI finally finished the beautiful, waffle textured throw and placed it in the shop.  It is a favorite of many, especially me. Hoping to get this other throw in there before the end of the day, along with one my sister made.

It has been a rough couple of days between me being sick and feeling like death to the 2yo grandsnuggler needing an ER trip to stitch his lip back together. I’m ready for some calm, uneventful hours with my crocheting and binging NCIS. Seriously enough excitement for this chick. That is ALL that is on my agenda for the rest of this day.

Well that and coffee. Because coffee makes everything better. What is on your agenda?