Wine & Coffee Cake

Yesterday was THAT kind of a day. The one you feel drawn to the wine and baked goods, especially if you are me and worked 47 hours of overtime, or a woman like my daughter, edging into PMS territory. The two of us together in the store to purchase toilet paper, coffee and bread, without adult supervision, meant there were going to be other items on that belt at the register. Coffee cake, wine, donut holes (for the kiddos of course) and it was a relaxing evening. Don’t judge us.

Today is more crochet, lots of it in fact. I want to roll my shop open on Sunday so there is work to be done! I have to finish the blanket I’m working on, get things photographed that have been made since the shop went on vacation mode, check inventory, rewrite listings…so much to do and I’m loving every minute of it!

gmacrochetI LOVE this particular t-shirt, but make no mistake I do not judge any woman, you do you, this Nana is a hooker! I wore it yesterday while working on the blanket and binging NCIS (finishing up season 4!). Shout out to all of the grandmas out there working the hooks, needles and yarn!

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It is a windows open kind of day! I love that the weather is so beautiful that I received a text from my daughter asking if I thought we should open the windows. YES YES AND YES!!!! The sounds of the great outdoors coming in with fresh air is always an affirmative in this girl’s world!

Okay this hooker needs to get to it! These items are not making themselves (oh I envy Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter books, knitting needles doing their thing while she was off doing other things!) so it is time to get to the yarn and crochet hook.