God’s Provisions

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Photo by Free Photos.cc on Pexels.com

There are times when reading my Bible that I wonder why God doesn’t provide big in my life. I know I’m not perfect when it comes to walking out my faith, being that believer who still cusses up a storm at times, judges folks some days or has unkind thoughts. But my faith is strong. So where is the really big-hairy-deal miracles for me?? This whole household walks in faith, yet we have no mega influx of cash and supplies, no wonderfully generous soul riding in to pay off all of our debt and give us a lifetime supply of groceries. It can make one start to wonder what they are doing wrong, or maybe where we fall short on what we are doing correctly.

Then today, while running an errand for my daughter and getting my hair cut, God tapped me on the shoulder and showed me where those provisions are in my life.

This morning, we made the last pot of coffee we had on hand from our last grocery trip, and it is 2 days until pay day and grocery day. This girl and her daughter run on coffee, me probably more than her but coffee is the liquid force of my day. Grocery day is 2 days away so this, in my opinion, is somewhat of a crisis. (Who am I kidding this is a DEFCON 1 situation, we’re screwed!) The toddler was out of diapers, which most assuredly is critical, especially the way he poops. I had just enough money for a hair cut, tip and a little gas to get through to pay day. My daughter asked me to use 4 coupons she had while I was out getting these granny locks of frog fur for hair chopped:

1 for a free can of coffee, any variety of the store brand

1 for a free roll of the store brand paper towels

1 for a bag of the store brand, frozen veggies

1 for $2 off a pack of the little dude’s diapers

When headed into the store with money she sent me for diapers on Venmo, I never gave it a thought. I grabbed the coffee, thankful we would not have to suffer caffeine withdraw the next 2 days. Then rolled down the aisle with paper towels. Looking at the coupon we both thought said 1 roll, I noted it said 6-count or larger. There was only one type of store brand in a 6-count or larger package…jumbo, 10 rolls. Over kill but we will use them. I found some frozen cauliflower and the kiddo’s diapers and checked out. All of that for $7.62! Not bad.

On the drive home the Lord spoke to me about it all. Coffee was provided, a nice side dish (my baby girl makes a yummy roasted cauliflower in the oven) and an abundance of paper towels..all FREE. Not millions, or even thousands in cash, but His provision of what was needed at the moment plus some extra. It could be argued that coffee is not a need, but it was on our need list, and supplied at no cost to us, in perfect timing as the other can had been all used up this morning.

I praise the Lord, my Abba, for His faithfulness in giving us just what we need, like manna from heaven. This fresh cup of coffee I’m drinking tastes so much richer than one could imagine!

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