Coffee & Creamer ~ 3rd Cup

Coffee cup with steam

This crazy world is so full of negativity that I decided I wanted to do a weekly post featuring just fun, happy, warm & fuzzy things. Might be a recipe, jokes, stories to make you feel good, ya just never know!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you love to sip when relaxing) and enjoy!


Day 3 of 6 in a row at work. I picked up a lot of overtime of late. Of course now that it has come time to actually work those hours I’m kicking myself because I’m lacking the down time I love so much but when the paycheck comes I won’t be complaining.

Wow, I deactivated my Facebook and my social media world lost their collective minds. “why did you delete/block me???” started rolling in via texts or when we ran into each other at the time clock. So, I activated it and put up a banner and profile pic saying I’m on hiatus until 9/1 and you can reach me in real life until then, then logged off and will not be back on until then. Geesh, calm down y’all if you piss me off that much to warrant being removed from my social media you will be told why first. 🙂

I did remove a lot of folks off my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that I do not personally know. I’ve a desire to keep close family and friends more private so there is now a public Instagram Nana Marti on Instagram,  Rocking The Nana Life on Twitter and my Rocking The Nana Life Facebook page. Please, feel free to follow me on any and all of these! The more the merrier 🙂

Y’all use Pinterest? Me too! Only I have a tendency to pin SO much that I like at the moment, or a pattern I think I might want to crochet, decor for my suite…and suddenly I have 14,000+ pins. Um, yes it is high time for Nana M to clean up her pinning addiction. No reason to keep hundreds of Hello Kitty items pinned since, while I LOVE Hello Kitty, I’m not going to be needing photos of every coffee cup, car decal, tshirt and so on of with her adorable image on it. I just have to find some time to do that daunting task. One way is simply to remove the entire board in one click.  ::pondering:: Okay just got it down under 14,000, but still over 13,000. Oh boy.

Time to get to crocheting. I work today so I am limited on hooker time. I can get in a bunch of rows and 2 episodes of NCIS though (my current binge on Netflix). Have an awesome day!

Coffee cups up!

Nana M.

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