My 30 Day Deactivation

On my way to church this morning I made a choice to leave my phone in my purse. I do not text and drive, if I need to send one it waits until I can pull over or when stopped at a red light. Of course that whole red light thing can mean it can take a while to get a lengthy reply, as me and Siri cannot seem to get on the same page when I say, “Hey Siri, please text….”. She never gets the right words or for that matter correct recipient. However I did find myself getting sucked into Harry Potter Wizards Unite and that was harder to ignore while driving because the game is made to be played in motion. That motion is walking, mind you, but in slow and stand still traffic it is very tempting. Not to mention that the only real way to make advances in the game is spend real money to do virtual stuff. While I’m very bitter to this day that I never received my Hogwarts letter when I turned 12, the game is just that, a game. I’ll never produce a patronum. But I have Jesus, who is by far stronger than any patronum a muggle, wizard or witch could ever conjure.

74e69e4c86c4cd11976fa4338261a5c1.pngAs I pondered the thought of ditching the game, I also wondered if this wouldn’t be a good time to simply get off Facebook and Twitter for a while. With 2 mass shootings in a 12 hour period, and being a big supporter of the 2nd amendment (and common sense research before posting potentially emotionally charged articles that may or may not be factual), I knew my blood pressure was going to rise. I’m not known for my quiet and gentle spirit (God is working on that) or approach to what I deem stupidity. I had already gotten sucked in and been posting a few things politically related this past week and replied to a few people’s posts regarding guns. Yep, this is NOT the time for Nana M to be on Facebook. Or Twitter. Therefore, it is time for a self imposed hiatus, I thought. Then I parked my car and went into church.

The new series is about How To Hear God. Contents of an opening video and Chuck Mingo’s message simply confirmed that I need to disconnect from my addiction to social media. When I want to scroll, I’ll read my Bible, or a devotional, and PRAY. And I can read a good novel, crochet and make ready my Etsy Shop. All good things that will cut back on the distractions keeping me from hearing from my Abba on a more frequent basis.

I’m also going to clean out those accounts of people I do not know, and the friends of friends of friends. I might even ditch some folks I see as regular sh*t stirrers because honestly I don’t need it in my life. Same with Instagram, time to clean that up, make it private and kick off the folks following me that I do not know. I have accounts for my blog and shop, those anyone can follow, but I want to tighten up things regarding my personal accounts. So, if we are friends and you find yourself ‘unfriended’, it is because my personal accounts will now be only for people I actually know.

Tonight, before I go to bed, my Facebook will be deactivated until 9/1/19. Enjoy the chaos without this Nana, she has had enough.