Coffee & Creamer ~ 2nd Cup

Coffee cup with steamThis crazy world is so full of negativity that I decided I wanted to do a weekly post featuring just fun, happy, warm & fuzzy things. Might be a recipe, jokes, stories to make you feel good, ya just never know!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you love to sip when relaxing) and enjoy!


If you watch my sidebar on my blog you know (when I’m keeping things up-to-date) what book(s) I am currently reading. The book, One Thousand Gifts, has been there a number of weeks but not because I’m slow to update. I am, in fact, still reading it. I’ve been rather slow to keep up with that one while reading some Carolyn Brown novels, free, through Kindle Unlimited. But I do pick up the Ann Voskamp book and read a few pages every few days.

51gl9kf6xl._sx346_bo1204203200_This book is a game changer of life! It has opened my eyes to things within the Bible that I had not noticed before regarding having a grateful, thankful heart. SO many times there are examples just within the recorded life of Christ where He gave thanks before doing anything in a situation. Now, that jumps off the pages of scripture while reading my Bible. It has changed my heart attitude as I notice and record little ‘gifts’ throughout my life to be thankful for each day. Like the humming bird that was flying around my daughter’s hanging basket of flowers on the porch, then flew up in front of me checking me out, close enough that had I stretched out my hand I could have touched it. Or the smell of coffee brewing, the sound of giggles in the house and screeches of laughter from the little humans who live here. I have a section in my war binder that I am using to record a list of 1000 gifts within my own life, which is causing me to recognize and give thanks for the little things in my life that mean so much.

So often it is easy in prayer to just be general, “Thank you Lord for my family, our home….” and not really be thankful. What about my family? Which member, why? What about this home? Now I see things so differently, more vibrantly and detailed. It helps strengthen my prayer life and my over all attitude of thankfulness for what God blesses me with each day.

I challenge you to get the book and read it. This isn’t a quick read, you will want to allow for quiet time each day to really get into the book and absorb, ponder and act on what you are reading. You will find so much joy each day when you are able to note the gifts that you are blessed with, even within your darkest hours.