Coffee & Creamer ~ First Cup

Coffee cup with steamThis crazy world is so full of negativity that I decided I wanted to do a weekly post featuring just fun, happy, warm & fuzzy things. Might be a recipe, jokes, stories to make you feel good, ya just never know!

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea or whatever you love to sip when relaxing) and enjoy!


I love my coffee black. But sometimes creamer is nice. My daughter uses heavy whipping cream, Stevia and some vanilla extract to make her own. It is wonderful and when trying to stick to Keto eating it is the perfect addition to my cup of liquid get-it-done.

It is Tuesday, day #1 of 2 off in a row before heading back for a double shift. This is also supposed to be my 3 day weekend off coming up but I grabbed 2 shifts that came available to I am working all weekend. I love the over time money!

Currently it is 11:12am and I’m still in my jammies and not caring one bit. I’m a bit slow getting things moving this morning from being exhausted from work. Enjoying my coffee and doing nothing. I DO need to pull it together but no rush here, might even grab a nap today.

I’m going to keep my Etsy shop. After mom died I lost my way a bit, going through so many little (and a few major) changes that it got put on the shelf. I am working on inventory now and will be opening it back up soon so stay tuned and check back periodically!

Over the past year and months since mom’s death I’ve found a new favorite author, Carolyn Brown. Her books that I’ve read are the warm and fuzzy, romantic types and just a wonderful bunch of stories. Nothing heavy and clean reads (i.e. no sex scenes etc), they are the perfect front porch and coffee novels. They also inspire me toward my own goal of writing novels.  If you are looking for something to read that is light and easy, these are a good choice! My other favorite, a christian author, is Karen Kingsbury. I love a good story of love, faith and family, all elements I’ve found within the pages of her novels.

Hair…a nuisance most of the time. It has to be cut, styled, etc. unless of course you are my sister and opt to just shave your head. She pulls it off very well with a nice shaped noggin, and when she has makeup on she really looks amazing. I’m not that bold and brave, or fed up with my hair so I’m not shaving mine. However, I have opted to grow out my natural color. I had the red bleached out and went platinum so the process would be less drastic. Now all but the very tips is me, and I’m seeing a lot of white in there naturally. Frankly going totally grey would rock IF it is all white but I doubt I’ll be one of those lucky ladies sporting that kind of silver fox look. It is also very short right now as it was annoying me so I’m rocking my hedgehog spikes again.

Well cup #4 of coffee is now getting a bit cold, my vacuum beckons, and the shower. Guess I need to roll my self into action. Y’all have a good one and drink a cup of your favorite java for me!