War Binders & Down Sides of Moving

You’ve seen my war room, now let me show you my war binder. I think it is the best thing I’ve done for my prayer life in many years.

One could say it is a prayer journal, but with more features. I found many inspirations on blogs and Pinterest that really helped. My own board, WAR ROOM is full of ideas for both the space and the binder.

I debated what to use and went with a Traveler’s Notebook so I could have individual inserts for each area I wanted to include, and could remove a full one and replace it without having to replace and entire notebook each time a section filled. Choosing a size was tricky too, as I wanted to be able to keep it with me in my purse but I’ve down sized to a cross-body bag that isn’t very big. I went with the passport size and it is perfect! It has elastic for 4, but using a rubber band I could add 1 more for a total of 5 inserts. Mine are: Prayer, Scripture, Gratitude, Joy and Sermon Notes (this one isn’t shown).

Prayer – I divided it into 6 days, making tabs and washi tape to mark the pages. I divide up the requests for prayer that I have over a 6 day period. One for this household, my son’s, my extended family, work, friends, and random. Sundays are for church and praying over all those things from the week.

Scripture – I write out verses that stand out during my devotion time, or that I read and want to remember. Having it there to pray through scripture and memorize is handy.

Gratitude – I jot down things that I’m especially thankful for, or ways I saw God move in my live that I am grateful for and want to remember.

Joy – These are things that bring me ongoing joy that I thank God for, and when I am feeling down can turn too and remember all the wonderful things He has put into my life.

Sermon notes – Things from the messages on Sundays that I want to remember. I was doing it on scraps of paper and losing them so this keeps it all together.

Here are some photos of mine to help you get your own creative juices flowing:

The Down Side of Moving

I honestly didn’t think there was a down side to this move out to Hoosier land. Then, I went to get my driver’s license and plates changed over. Oh the #$%&*! joy.

Because we all have to have a compliant license by October of 2020 if we wish to fly in a plane, enter a federal building and who knows what else, we have to provide a kidney. Okay no, but we do have to have our SS card (the actual card), birth certificate (with raised seal), 2 pieces of mail coming to current address to prove residency (like that isn’t hard to fabricate?) and in Indiana, because I’m a new resident, I have to take the written test to obtain my driver’s license. I’ve attempted the practice test and things are not going well. Laws differ state to state so what works in one doesn’t apply to another. Like urban speed limits, points on your license etc. so this girl had to grab a copy of the handbook to study up.

I could not get my license today even if I had those mentioned documents because my name changed when I got married so I have to provide a certified copy of my marriage license showing the name change. Never mind that my social security card has the new name, it doesn’t match the birth certificate. So, I had to pay $25 to have my birth certificate sent to me and now send $2 with a form to get a certified copy of the marriage license sent to me, as the copy I can print from probate court doesn’t count. The drivers license expires tomorrow so meanwhile I renewed it in Ohio as just a standard license so I’m legally driving for now. ARGH!

I tried to get my plates switched but I have to have the car title for that so I had to come home and find that, which took a bit to remember where the devil I had put it for safe keeping. This is all annoying! Maybe I’ll run down there tomorrow and get my plates and then roam around historic Lawrenceburg and Pokemon hunt! There are dozens of stops all over the area.

Wine time, I earned it today!