Product Review: Kitty Poo Club

I was not compensated for this review – it is being done by me because I love this product! Review does contain affiliate links to the product.

kpc-logo-defaultPeriodically I would see the ad for the Kitty Poo Club on Facebook. One day I clicked on it and watched the video. As a crazy cat lady loving cat owner the one major draw back to having felines as indoor pets is the litter box. The intense ammonia smell even within a 24 hour period made cleaning their little commode a hated chore. And after a period of time those plastic litter boxes simply didn’t come clean of the wretched odor which meant buying a new box and starting over fresh.

I’ve tried the various products from sifter liners, clumping to fresh smelling litters and nothing eliminates it. NOTHING. Well that was until Kitty Poo Club.

I shared the ad to my sister’s wall on Facebook and said we’d have to give the product a try sometime, as she too is a cat owner. She decided it was worth a shot since the cost was comparable to what she spent in litter each month, in fact less! My skeptical self waiting. She informed me when it arrived that it was very easy to set up, took 5 minutes of her day to do that and remove the old litter container to the dumpster. I visited to have a look at the set up and had to agree it actually looked better than the previous option and didn’t have that ‘litter’ smell that gives it away that you have a cat even when clean.

After a few days I stopped down and got on my hands and knees, no smell of cat urine. A week and two weeks passed, again no odor. I was impressed. At this point I decided to join the club. Her second box arrived the same day as my first. I watched how she simply folded down the sides, put the lid back on the used box (she had sat the entire box in the upside down lid for storage), and out to the dumpster it went. No washing anything, hands didn’t have to touch litter, just close it up and trash it. I went to my apartment and quickly set up my box, put it where the litter box has resided for nearly a year and hoped my cat, Pixel, would take to it. She checked it out, inspecting the entire box then used it. SUCCESS!

When it came time to move I was a bit concerned but it was a breeze. I folded down the sides, put the lid on and transported it to my new home. Once there I simply set it back up and all was good.

Set up is very simple, just unfold the sides and use the slide on top supports (they come with each box) to keep sides up and straight. Open the bag of ‘litter’ and pour it in. Once a day you scoop out any poop (I shake mine in the sifter scoop and flush the kitty turds), stir the litter around as directed and that is it! SO simple and NO nasty odors. I am sold on this product and could not be happier.

Yes, it lives up to the claims and the cost ($21.49 w/FREE shipping) is very comparable to store bought litter. I actually spent more per month on store bought cat litter than I spend on Kitty Poo Club. Sure, you can use cheap litter and save money but then deal with the odors. I like the cat to be a surprise when she wanders out rather than folks sniffing and declaring “oh you have a cat”. There are also litter only options if you prefer to use your own litter box.

If you decide to try it, I would very much appreciate you using my referral link (just click HERE). I joined the Kitty Koins club and can earn coupons for future purchases.

UPDATE 1/7/20 – I’m still using and LOVING this product. I’ve switched to the fine-grain version of the litter because it seems to track less than the already minimal tracking larger silica litter. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!


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