Day 7 & Day 1

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Today is day 7 in my new place. I moved in last Friday with my daughter and her family and it has been interesting getting adjusted.

Noise is not an issue, I raised two kids of my own, and had a year with my cousin’s 4, so I’m able to tune out kid chaos on a boss level. I also have a great app that plays night time sounds like crickets and it makes for wonderful sleep sounds and functions like white noise. I had to adapt to new things like the refrigerator kicking on or the house settling for the night after all occupants had retired to their beds. There is also the quiet. Living in the “country” means no buses, sirens, and no carry over cacophony from other apartments. When you reside in a multi-family dwelling you quickly learn to ignore things and they become background static to life. On night 3 I slept good, and by night 5 like a downed tree.

Today I stopped by my old apartment to survey the remainder of items to be moved, trashed or donated. I’m growing less and less enthused with moving those things, and only a few things still spark joy or even pluck the sentimental cords of my heart. My plan is to get it all finished next week, do the walk through with management and hopefully get a nice check for my security deposit back. Meanwhile my granny suite is really becoming home for me as I hang pictures and spend time enjoying the porch swing. I want to purchase a cushion for it, something colorful. I’ve always loved porch swings, the sway, chains creaking as it moves back and forth, stress disappearing as it moves.

As this day is coming to a close, Nana Marti is on duty. The parental figures have gone to Couples Camp and I’m ruling the roost in their absence. So far the 3yo and 1yo are winning, but don’t tell them that or chaos will reign until mom and dad return on Sunday. I feel accomplished that they are both in bed after 3 attempts and the dogs have been let out and are now in their kennels. ***okay make that 4, as the 3yo showed up right after I typed that needing some love and reassurance***

This was also day 1 of 5 off work in a row. In many ways it will be like my job, laundry, feeding, cleaning up poop, etc., but instead of 16 adults it will be the toddlers. I’m not at all certain that this is going to be easier, in fact I think on many levels it will be much more difficult. But at least when they nap I can too. And the change of scenery for several days is much needed.

Finally, I can let the cat out of the bag. Grandchild number 7 is due in the Fall of this year. My daughter discovered she is pregnant and I’m absolutely thrilled! I cannot wait for this baby, and I’ll be around to help this time!