Well MOST of my belongings are now moved and unpacked in the new home. I still have a few trips to make with my car packed tight but that will happen throughout this week and then I will clean the apartment and hand over the keys and pray I get all or at least most of my security deposit returned. I didn’t damage anything so that shouldn’t be too difficult. As I’m looking over the photo I took of what is left to move, I see a number of things that I will likely go ahead and toss in the dumpster. Faced with moving it and finding a place to put it, somethings have lost their ability to spark anything close to ‘joy’. I’ve lost any/all emotional attachment to them and question their need in my life.

I’ve slept well the first two nights in the new room. The cat is still skittish as she can hear the kids squealing and can smell, hear and sense the 3 dogs. Odds are she would do well with the little dogs but the big one is another story. She probably looks more like a snack to him and pretty sure she knows this is the case.

I cannot wait for the leaves to pop and we get to plant some flowers here. This is the view of the lower deck from my room window. I get to watch the deer or walk out on my patio and enjoy the porch swing just outside of my door. How cool is this! Oh and the deer wander all over that hillside during the day and evening, it is such a sweet sight!

Sadly I have to work 2nd shift today, then a double shift tomorrow, so I need to get my butt in gear and get ready for work. Y’all have a wonderful day of rest today and give thanks to God for all the blessings in your life!